Dealing with pests is every homeowner’s nightmare. Not only do these creatures cause potential damage to the property, but they can also carry various types of diseases that will put your family’s health on the line. Perhaps you’ve already determined the need to exterminate your unwelcome houseguests and you’ve decided to hire a team of pest control professionals to get the job done. While this is great, you’ll also need to get your home ready before the pros come.

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How to Get Your Home Ready for the Exterminator

Cockroach Removal

Ridding your house of those pesky roaches require that you clean up the entire house first before the exterminators pay you a visit. Keeping your home as clean and as tidy as possible is essential in order to attain long-term success. This means that you’ll need to make sure that all possible food sources are securely covered or put away and your pets should stay out of the area that’s being serviced. If anyone in your household is under the age of one, has allergy issues, or is pregnant, you also need to inform the pest exterminator before they render their service. 

Flea Removal

Similar to how you get your home prepared for cockroach removal, you must also make sure that your home is clean, well-vacuumed, with the floors cleared of your kid’s toys, shoes, books, and clothing, especially the carpet where the flea larvae usually hide. Make sure that that fish tanks are kept covered and your pets are safely put outside. 

Rodent Removal

Before the exterminators arrive, be sure to check all areas around your house for holes in the walls, floors, and baseboards. Once you’ve spotted these holes, make sure that you’ll and have them repaired right away. Also, keep an eye out for sealing doors that don’t properly close. 

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The Best Pest Control Company

If you’re looking to find the best pest control company to help keep your home pest-free, contact O’Hara Pest Control today to schedule an inspection.

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