Did you know that a roach can manage to survive a week without its head? What’s more, if you think that freezing temperatures can put an end to their life, think again. Since they don’t die easily, you’ll have to hire cockroach control West Palm Beach services if these nuisance pests have managed to find their way into your home. They’re the only ones who know how to effectively keep those roaches at bay.

Who can we have Cockroach Control West Palm Beach?

How to Identify the Most Common Types of Roaches

American Cockroach

If you see a reddish-brown roach with a yellow figure eight pattern on the back of its head, you’re looking at an American cockroach. Among the various species of house-infesting roaches, they’re the largest in terms of size. Although the American cockroach is usually active in areas where the temperature is higher than 70 degrees, this doesn’t mean they won’t survive in lower temperatures.

While they like to hang out in basements and sewers, they usually gravitate toward drains and pipes. Since they’re constantly looking for food and water, don’t be surprised to find them congregating in your laundry room, bathroom, or kitchen!

German Cockroach

These light brown, oval-shaped roaches have two dark stripes on their backs, antennae, and six legs. Although German roaches are winged creatures, you seldom see them fly because they prefer to run. They thrive well in warm, damp, and humid areas that include basements and bathrooms. However, they particularly like to stay in kitchens and dining areas.

Brown-Banded Cockroach

As the name suggests, these dark brown roaches have striking light-brown bands across their wings. Compared to other urban pest roaches, brown-banded cockroaches love to stay in higher locations that are warm and dry. They’re mostly spotted in bathrooms, inside kitchen cabinets, and even behind your picture frames.

Oriental Cockroach

In terms of color, these large oriental cockroaches can be black to reddish-brown. They usually enter your home through door thresholds or drains during the summer. Plus, they can often be found under garbage cans and in warm, damp areas.


Who can we have Cockroach Control West Palm Beach?where is the best pest control west palm beach?

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