Did you just see a mouse scurry across your kitchen floor? Do something about it before these pests cause structural damage, contaminate your food, and spread disease. Since DIY methods can only do so much, you might want to consider hiring pest control services in West Palm Beach. If you want to know how these creatures manage to get into your home, read on.

Top Mice Entry Points

Cracks in The Foundation

Mice have the natural ability to find weak spots in your foundation. If you have a stacked stone foundation, keep an eye out for cracks and gaps that mice can easily squeeze themselves through. Prevent them from gaining entry into your house by filling these spots with silicone caulk.


Another convenient entry point for a mouse is an attached garage with uneven garage doors because they can easily slip under them. If your garage space is cluttered, your sheetrock has holes or cracks, or if your garage door is left open for long periods, you might as well put out a welcome mat. Be sure to avoid leaving your garage door open, fill cracks with silicone caulk, and create a tight seal along the bottom portion of your garage door by placing weather stripping.

HVAC And Utility Lines

Gaps around your plumbing lines and gas lines can be large enough for mice to slip into your house. Be sure to inspect the areas where your utility lines run in and fill the gaps around the utility lines with silicone caulk to keep mice at bay.

Holes in The Roof

Unless you want to hear the pitter-patter of mice’s feet in your attic, poke your head up into it and search for areas where you can see daylight shining through the roof. Address signs of roof damage immediately.

The last thing you need is a mouse making its way inside through the gaps in your ceiling.


Since mice are excellent climbers, they won’t have trouble climbing up your chimney’s exterior and down its interior. To keep them from getting inside your house, install metal sheeting around your chimney’s base.

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