Did you know that there are over 12,000 species of ants? Although each of them has its own defense mechanism whenever it feels threatened, almost all of them have strong mandibles that can be used for biting. If you’ve spotted some ants in your home, you might want to consider enlisting the help of an ant control West Palm Beach professional.

Who has the best Ant Control West Palm Beach?

What are the Ants That Bite?

Crazy Ants

Due to their weird and erratic movements, this ant species is referred to as a crazy ant. When they’re being confronted by a perceived threat, they tend to bite in defense.

Field Ants

Similar to crazy ants, field ants have only one node and they bite when they’re threatened.

Carpenter Ants

When a carpenter ant feels threatened, it bites. Due to their large size, their bites can actually be painful.


What Are the Ant Species that Bite and Sting?

Red Imported Fire Ants

One of the most aggressive ant species that are always eager to bite and sting are the red imported fire ants. Even if you’re not directly attacking them or even if you’re just standing a few feet away from their nest, they won’t hesitate to attack.

Once they bite, their potent venom produces a cluster of red and swollen spots that turn into blisters. Aside from the fact that their stings itch and hurt, the resulting blisters can possibly last up to a week. Additionally, it’s important to note that immediate medical attention is required by some people who suffer severe, life-threatening allergic reactions to a fire ant’s sting.

Harvester Ants

Also known to be very aggressive, harvester ants can also sting their victims a couple of times. Compared to the sting of the fire ant, theirs isn’t as painful and in most cases, the minor pain subsides within hours. However, the site of the sting may become red and swollen.

Acrobat Ants

Food is the primary reason why acrobat ants sting their prey. They usually find their way into homes that sustained structural damage caused by other types of pests including carpenter ants. Acrobat ants are known for their sweet tooth. That’s why it shouldn’t be surprising if you find them hanging out in your pantry or kitchen.

Who has the best Ant Control West Palm Beach?

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