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Our Commercial Pest Control Program is designed to protect your high value asset properties, guaranteed! Our approach is simple and unique. O’Hara Pest Control can create a custom program based on your pest density and industry. Our problem solvers will come up with a solution that works for you! We know that commercial facilities contain just what pests need to survive. Most businesses store or process food and have plenty of water available to support life. Toilets, drains, and air conditioning run off is plenty to support a thriving colony. Roaches, rats, and ants take advantage of these situations and set up shop.


Many commercial facilities and businesses have kitchens and break rooms built-in providing new challenges to the pest control professional.  Restaurants have one of the most difficult times due to their cleaning schedules and food filth in the kitchen. Grease builds up around the stoves and rotten beer builds up around the taps. Rodents can chew on wires and destroy interiors with their constant chewing and defecation. Roaches can soil wooden cabinets and cause customers to never come back! Having an industry trained professional around is important. He can point out the do’s and don’ts.

Our Approach

Experience can solve many situations eliminating chemicals entirely. Our structural pest control approach involves a careful inspection of the property, identifying conducive conditions, pest species, and entry points. Our pest control approach emphasizes prevention. By decreasing resources and access, we decrease the population.


“Situational Awareness” is our investigative process that solves problems and helps us build a structural pest management prescription that fits your business. O’Hara Pest Control’s safety and training is the best in the business. One important aspect of our service that separates us from other companies our diligence during service and during return visits. We schedule enough time for each job to be completed properly to ensure quality of service. We test all our products and only stock the ones that work the best. Our service is guaranteed or your money back!

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