If you suspect a bed bug infestation but you aren’t quite sure, you’ll need to learn more about those pesky bloodsuckers from the way they look to their behavior and everything else in between. Although these pests don’t transmit any type of disease, their presence can make your stress levels go through the roof. Unless you enlist the help of a qualified and experienced pest control expert, you can never be too sure that you’ve wiped the last bed bug out.

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Surefire Signs of a Bed Bug Infestation

Itchy Red Spots That Form a Line on Your Skin

One of the surest signs that you’re sharing your bed with a bed bug is the presence of a noticeable bite pattern that looks like inflamed red spots forming a distinct line on the exposed areas of your skin. However, some people who get bitten by these pests don’t experience any physical reaction. 

A Musty Odor Can Be Detected

Thanks to the pheromones that bed bug release, large infestations tend to produce a strong, unpleasant, and musty odor that could fill any room. 

You Spot Blood Stains of the Bed Sheets

If one of the first things that you notice after you wake up in the morning is your blood-peppered sheets, then you may be dealing with a bed bug issue. These bloodstains are the result of you unknowingly squishing those pests while they were feasting on your blood or after they’re done with their meal. 

Your Walls Have Dark Spots

Did you know that bed bugs won’t hesitate to leave fecal stains on your walls or even under your wallpaper? If you think that you have an infestation but you haven’t seen any evidence of it after you’ve checked your bed, try inspecting your walls for the presence of bed bugs.

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Do You Need the Help of a Pest Control Expert?

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