We’ve all heard stories about bed bugs and how these sneaky creatures attack their victims while they’re sound asleep at night. However, in the attempt to fight an infestation, more stories about bed bug extermination West Palm Beach that aren’t exactly true are being told. Among those stories are the following:

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The Truth About Bed Bugs that You Need to Know

They Can Be a Threat to Public Health

Some people find it difficult to cope with a bed bug infestation. To them, the thought of sharing a bed with these pests can be a terrifying experience that can trigger serious psychological consequences. In fact, in some cases, these effects can even become too overwhelming for them that they could interfere with their daily life.

They Aren’t Picky Eaters

Bed bugs don’t eat dirt – they suck blood. This implies that they don’t care if the person they’re feeding on is messy or tidy, rich or poor, and young or old. To any bed bug, they all taste the same. However, if you have a messy house, it’s much easier for these bloodsuckers to hide.

Your Vacuum isn’t Their Worst Enemy

Thanks to their spiny legs, bed bugs have this uncanny ability to hold on tightly as they scale your bedclothes. While you may successfully vacuum up these creatures unless you carefully check your machine’s beater brush, its tubing, attachments, and filter, the bed bugs you sucked up will take up residence in your vacuum. Using an infested vacuum for cleaning the other rooms will only transport the pests to the other parts of your house.

You Need the Help of Bed Bug Extermination West Palm Beach Experts

The team of bed bug extermination West Palm Beach specialists at O’Hara Pest Control is highly trained and well-equipped to handle the infestation that you’re currently dealing with. With them on your side, you won’t have to spend countless sleepless nights worrying about getting bitten by bed bugs. Call now to schedule an inspection.

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