Bed bugs can be easily transported from one place to another through suitcases and clothes. If you’ve made the mistake of bringing home these blood-sucking pests as unwanted souvenirs, be sure to contact an experienced bed bug extermination West Palm Beach service provider before an infestation sets in. Meanwhile, check out this list of prevention tips for travelers

When You Get to the Hotel

Conduct an inspection before you unpack your suitcase. Pay attention to the areas behind the headboard, under the lights, inside the drawers, dressers, sofas, and chairs. Next, pull back the sheets and check the mattress seams and box springs for pepper-like stains, shed bed-bug skins, and spots. During the duration of your trip, place your suitcase in a plastic trash bag to keep the bed bugs at bay. Never place your luggage on upholstered areas. The safest place for your suitcase is the luggage rack or the bathroom tile floor. If you spot any signs of an infestation, notify the management immediately so that you can change rooms. However, be sure that you’ll be moved to a room that’s far from the infestation.

When You Get Home

Don’t bring your suitcases into the house unless you’ve inspected them outdoors. Before you store them, be sure to vacuum them thoroughly. Garment hand steamers are great at killing bed bugs and their eggs. Also, wash all your clothes on hot cycles even those that you haven’t worn. If you have clothes that need to go to the dry cleaner, keep them in a sealed plastic bag until you transport them.

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If you’ve brought these pesky pests back home with you, you’ll need to hire a bed bug extermination West Palm Beach expert to deal with an infestation. Contact O’Hara Pest Control today to schedule your inspection!

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