You may be surprised to find out that ants outnumber humans 140,000:1. This leaves us no reason to wonder why they seem to pop out of nowhere and find their way into our homes. With the help of our reliable ant control West Palm Beach service provider, these ants don’t have to become our regular guests. Meanwhile, if you want to get more tips on how to keep ants out of your house, take a look at this:

Keep an Eye out for Scout Ants

We’re talking about rogue ants that take their job of finding food sources seriously. As soon as you spot them in your kitchen or living room, you can be sure that more ants are coming.

Keep Your House Clean

Never leave evidence of your meals and snacks around your house unless you want to share your home with an entire colony of ants. Wiping down common surfaces, sweeping and vacuuming on a regular basis, storing food in sealed containers, and cleaning up dirty dishes will eliminate possible food sources from spills or crumbs.

Seal Off Cracks

Search for areas in and around your house that could become potential entryways for ants. Among their favorite portals of entry are cracks around your windows and doors. Sealing these off and the foundation of your home with caulking will eradicate the ants’ obvious entrances. Since sealants can degrade over time, be sure to check if reapplication is needed.

Eliminate Ant Trails

Since ants leave scent trails for other ants to follow, applying a mix of water and vinegar along the length of the ant trail is an effective way to disrupt them. They’ll have no other choice but to look for a new path to their food source.

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