Proud owners of luxurious yachts spend their weekends on the water with their family and friends. If you’re one of them, you’d want your treasured yacht to stay pest-free. If you fail to implement pest control measures, rodents and bugs may set up permanent residence in your vessel. Before anything else, you’ll need to know more about the types of pests that would try to get on board.

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The Pests That Can Invade Your Yacht

Rats and Mice

In case you’re not aware, rats and mice wouldn’t miss a chance to infest your sea vessel. In fact, they can find plenty of ways to get on it whether your yacht is docked on land or water. These pests are excellent swimmers. You can expect them to scale mooring ropes and chains before they squeeze themselves in through dime-sized holes. If a rodent infestation is left unaddressed, these critters can cause serious damage to your fixtures, fittings, and wirings that can potentially pose a fire hazard.

Ants and Cockroaches 

The most common pests that are found in yachts and other sea vessels are roaches and ants. In their constant search for food, water, and shelter, these pests tend to hitchhike their way into your watercraft. 

Bed Bugs and Fleas

Although bed bugs and fleas are usually associated with hotels and fleas, you’ll be surprised to know that these pests can also hitch a ride to get to your yacht. While bed bugs tend to ride on luggage, fleas travel on their animal or human hosts. Furthermore, bed bugs usually hide in clocks, bags, appliances, and beds.


Contrary to what you may have initially assumed, termites won’t hesitate to attack sea vessels such as your yacht. In some international destinations, a termite infestation can be a quarantine issue. 

who offers yacht pest control Fort Lauderdale?

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