The grass on your lawn provides you with many benefits. Aside from cleaning the air, it also prevents soil erosion, cools the environment, and adds beauty to your yard! However, even the most useful of things can have their limitations. It’s important to note some usual problems that come with your yard if you do not properly take care of your plants.

Before you reach for a pesticide to make things right, you first want to check if the source of this problem is a pest infestation. Oftentimes, sick-looking grass could be the result of over-watering. You may also want to seriously consider enlisting the help of lawn care professionals. If you misdiagnose the issue, you could end up killing your grass and having to start all over.

Will Pesticides Kill My Grass?

What You Need to Know Before Applying Pesticides

Highly Concentrated Pesticides Could Kill Your Grass

Unfortunately, pesticides and weed killers that are specifically made for lawns could cause a lot of damage to your grass if their concentration is too high. Keep in mind that having enough is good but getting more won’t necessarily make things better.

Pesticides Have Storage Requirements

Perhaps, you noticed that your grass looked like it was sick last fall. You sprayed them with pesticide when you noticed but nothing changed when springtime came. If you were thinking the spray may not be good anymore, you may have been right! Most pesticides have specific requirements when it comes to storage. In most cases, high or freezing temperatures can greatly reduce their effectiveness.

Always Read the Label

Should you decide to purchase a can of pesticide, be sure to read the label. If you already have one in the house, read it before you mix it. Reading the label will let you know what the product does, when and where it can be used, and where you can’t use it.

Will Pesticides Kill My Grass?

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