Whether you like it or not, cockroaches are hardy creatures who have the uncanny ability to survive just about anything. For this reason, you shouldn’t be surprised to find out that they’re challenging to exterminate. You may have tried to spray them or stomp them a couple of times only to see them coming back for more. If you’re dealing with a roach infestation, it’s best if you call for pest control West Palm Beach services before things get worse.

Top Reasons Why It Seems Impossible to Get Rid of Roaches

Their Sense of Smell and Taste Are Powerful

Did you know that no other insect is better at smelling and tasting food than a cockroach? Roaches have this uncanny ability to survive on all kinds of food and non-food substances. They love leftover toenails, excrement, and blood as much as they love book bindings, cardboard, rotted meat, grease, and your food! They can even fill themselves up on corpses of other cockroaches.

Their Immune Systems Are Strong

Aside from eating almost anything, they can also live in the dirtiest places without being affected in the slightest.

They Can Resist Conventional Pesticides

If you’re thinking about eradicating roaches with conventional pesticides, think again. According to research, one of the most common types of roaches, the German cockroach, can resist multiple insecticides. These roaches have produced a new generation of cockroaches that have increased resistance of four to six times!

The researchers discovered that the German cockroach’s offspring even showed signs of resistance to various chemicals that they weren’t exposed to before. This concludes that as populations of cockroaches continue to evolve, they develop strategies and mechanisms that allow them to become cross-resistant. Even when they’re exposed to multiple kinds of chemical combinations at once, they’d still be able to survive!

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