Do you see those flying white bugs that you see on the undersides of the leaves of your indoor and outdoor plants? If you do, then you’re looking at whiteflies (Trialeurodes vaporariorum). They may look like they’re harmless, but these small insects have the ability to suck the life out of your greenery. You know that your plants are infested by whiteflies when big clouds of these winged creatures start to fly in the air each time the plants are disturbed. Don’t worry, with the proper whitefly control West Palm Beach, these pests will be a thing of the past in your home.

What Draws Whiteflies to My Home?

Whiteflies Are Attracted to Plants

Whiteflies usually show up in thick crowds around plants. As soon as the nymphs and adults suck the juices from new growth, the leaves will eventually turn yellow and the yields will reduce. As a result, plant growth becomes stunted and they become vulnerable to disease. What’s worse, these pests can also transmit various plant viruses. Whiteflies are a lot similar to aphids because they also secrete sticky honeydew. In most cases, a black sooty mold tends to cover this substance. These plant-killing pests are active year-round in outdoor gardens that are situated in the southern and coastal states. On the other hand, year-round whitefly infestations only affect indoor plants in northern areas. Furthermore, they usually infest squash, poinsettia, citrus, cucumber, potato, tomato, grape, and hibiscus.

How to Identify a Whitefly

Adults whiteflies are 1/16-inch long and they look a lot like moths. They have short antennae and powdery white wings. They’re usually spotted on the stem ends and on top of your vegetation. On the other hand, nymphs are wingless and are shaped like an oval. They also have a flattened scale-like appearance. Furthermore, after their crawler stage, whiteflies begin feeding by settling down and attaching themselves to the underside of each of your plants’ leaves.

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