Weed control in West Palm Beach is the basic idea of controlling or removing unwanted herbaceous material from a desired landscape area. There are many types of weed control, and we cover them all. Controlling weeds makes a good landscape great. One of the most complex aspects of pest control is the use of herbicides.

Pre and Post-Emergent Herbicides

It takes an experienced operator to apply herbicides without damaging non-target material. Post-emergent and pre-emergent herbicides must be used at different times to gain control. Post emergents are herbicides that kill after the weeds have emerged from the soil. Pre Emergents kill the weeds before they appear. We use these together to get good, long-lasting control.

Managing Plant Beds

Plant beds need to be managed every month by a licensed professional. Bimonthly and quarterly weed control applications are mostly a waste of time if you want reasonable control for this type of use. Let’s face it; sometimes we don’t feel like going outside “every month” and spraying the yard.

How is Weed Control in West Palm Beach Done?

When it isn’t sprayed on time, things get out of control. Small weeds grow quickly, and by the time you return, you will be hand-pulling again. Larger weeds must be hand-pulled before spraying a post-emergent herbicide. Heavy summer rainfall can also present a problem as it can wash away chemicals like pre-emergents and water-in new seeds.

Is Weed Control Only for Residential Areas?

Commercial facilities also can benefit from having their fence lines sprayed. Clean fence lines mark property lines clearly and improve visual security around the property. Trees can also be weeds. Some customers have wooded areas. If they don’t like certain invasive varieties of trees, we can kill them with herbicide quickly.

How Do I Manage Large Open Fields?

Fields can be sprayed instead of mowing. Some customers like us to spray their areas to make the mowing operations faster. Commercial landowners often have their fields mowed, not knowing it is more cost-efficient to spray them.

Is Weed Control the Same for Lawns as it is Landscaping?

Lawn weed control is another form of weed control. It involves the use of selective herbicides, and these herbicides select the weeds for treatment but leave the desired turf alone. A good technician can clear a lawn of most weeds in one application.

When is the Best Time to Do This Treatment?

Cooler weather is the preferred time for a treatment like that. Each herbicide has its list of weeds it controls, which presents a new problem. The technician or applicator must be able to identify what kind of weeds are in the turf. Herbicides can be mixed to broaden their reach of weed varieties, but combining the wrong two could spell disaster. I know because I have done it!

Any experienced applicator has burned lawns before. We learn from our mistakes, right? Unfortunate, but true. Some herbicides seem utterly useless on the label like they won’t kill anything, but they are just used to compliment other herbicides, making them more useful.

Weeds also build resistance to herbicides. Just when you thought you had it figured out, they stop dying. Then you have to find something else to use. Sometimes they stop selling your favorite brand.

What Grasses Suffer or Thrive with Herbicides?

St. Augustine is not very tolerant of herbicides. It tends to yellow when sprayed with various blends. Zoysia is a much more tolerant choice. I can spray a zoysia lawn every two weeks, three weeks in a row to clear a bad yard, and it is ok. Saint Augustine would need a couple of months to recover between sprayings, or it will yellow.

Of course, it will heal in 6 weeks, but who wants to wait? The best way to handle weed control is to hire a professional. It will cost roughly the same if you factor in your own time, all the herbicide orders guessed on, or new sod purchased to replace what was burned.

Weed Control in West Palm Beach is a Process

If you hire a lawn professional in the middle of summer and have weeds, let him do his thing and be patient. Most companies have a lawn program that will address the weeds at the proper time in the year. Lawn weed control should be done in the colder months.

Also, lawns don’t get better in one application. Rome was not built in a day. Every weed control application will kill 75% of the weeds. The grass will fill in as fast as possible to create a weed-free layer, but some weeds still get into the gaps and sprout before that can happen.

Also, some more resistant weeds survive the application. Fear not, the next blend of different active ingredients will get them. The perfect lawn takes time, that’s why lawn companies service monthly. Also, the grass is alive; it needs regular attention to look its best.

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