The process of aerating a lawn involves punching small holes into the ground throughout a turf area. A spring or fall core aeration will help remove thatch and allow water and fertilizer to penetrate the soil surface better.

Roots also use the holes to grow deeper into the ground. Homeowners looking to have the most healthy lawns should look into it. I was skeptical at first but wanted to offer the service. After trying it, I was hooked. It really, really works.

Northerners have known this for years. The soils up North are different from Florida. They are composed of materials like rocks and clay. If you had to dig a hole, it is almost impossible by hand. The soils become compacted quicker and block nutrients.

Why Do Florida Lawns Need Verticutting West Palm Beach?

Florida soils are sandy and can also become compacted. So why is it taking so long for this practice to catch on in South Florida? If it works up North, why wouldn’t it work down here? Aeration will help create the perfect healthy lawn.

What is Dethatching?

Dethatching or power raking involves raking the turf to remove the thatch layer. Thatch is the layer of dead lawn clippings built up just above the soil surface. This thatch layer can choke out a lawn and spell disaster later on when it gets wet. Thatch harbors fungus spores. The fungus uses thatch as food.

What Lawns Respond Best to This Treatment?

Lawns like St. Augustine will grow tiger and thicker with the treatment. Zoysia suffers from the frequent fungus. Zoysia varieties tend to be more relieved of fungus throughout the year when dethatched. This creates consistency when you look across the lawn, more green, fewer spots.

who does the best verticutting west palm beach?

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We recommend aerating and dethatching at least once per year in West Palm Beach. The soil will continuously compact, and the thatch will build up over time.

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