Did you know that the two most common rat species in the United States are the roof rat and the Norway rat? These rats have been causing problems in American homes. Aside from causing damage to properties with their incessant gnawing, their saliva, droppings, urine, and filth contaminate our food and transmit various diseases. 

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How Do You Know if You Have Rats in Your House?

You Spot One

Norway rats are large and bulky with coarse, brown fur. Their bellies could be grayish or brown and they’re about 16 inches in terms of length. They have small, furless ears and their tails are scaly and short. On the other hand, roof rats are sleek and slim with dark gray to black fur. Their underbellies could be off-white or gray and their length is about 14.5 inches. They have long, hairless tails and their ears and eyes are bigger than those of the Norway rat. You can find them on your roof or on trees.

Rat Droppings

Both rats are able to produce a maximum of 40 droppings per night. These droppings are dark brown in color and are shaped like a spindle or a large grain of rice. You can usually spot their droppings around human food or near trash bins.

Rat Holes

Rats tend to dig and excavate burrow systems for food shelter, storage, and nesting. You can usually find these holes near solid structures under homes.

Rat Nests

You know that you have a rat infestation when you see rat nests in burrows, under eaves, lofts, attics, and in cavity walls. The materials rats use for nesting include cardboard, loft insulation, and various kinds of soft items.

Rub Marks

Since they have poor eyesight, they tend to use established routes by leaving dark marks of grease and dirt along skirting boards and walls. 

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