Too many homeowners out there prefer to handle mouse pest control on their own. Since most of them don’t have the right training and tools, they usually get poor results. Instead of keeping their home mice-free, they find themselves dealing with full-blown infestations and potential health hazards. The best way to get rid of every mouse in your house is to hire a licensed and experienced pest control company. If you’re not sure when to call for rodent control West Palm Beach, check out these signs below:

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The Right Time to Call a Pro

Gnaw Marks on Items

Mice like to gnaw on anything including your furniture or food packages. Seeing little holes with chewed edges means that a mouse has found its way into your home.

You Spot Droppings

One of the surefire signs of a mice infestation is when you spot their droppings that are about the size of a grain of rice around the surfaces of your home. New droppings look moist while old ones turn dry and grey. In most cases, droppings are found inside cabinets, drawers, under your sink, near your food or near their nest. 

You See Tracks

You can expect these pests to move around a lot as soon as they start to get more comfortable inside your home. To find out if you’re dealing with a mouse infestation is to scatter talcum powder or a patch of flour along your walls or on the floor. Next, place a piece of bread with peanut butter at the center of the tracking patch. Leave it overnight and check for tracks on the next day.

You’ll Notice Nesting Materials

Mice tend to build nests out of fabric, shredded paper or dried plants. Seeing groupings of these materials anywhere in your house signals the need to call an exterminator for mice.

who offers the best rodent control west palm beach?

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