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O'Hara pest control in Greenacres is no stranger to drywood termites. Though less common than the subterranean dampwood variety, the whole of the Southern U.S. plays host to drywood termites- warm temperatures complimented by rains or humidity is the termites ideal climate. Of course, that makes Greenacres Florida prime drywood termite territory - Greenacres's O'Hara pest control deals with new swarms every spring.

Drywood termites are aggressive expansionists that can quickly spread throughout the home. Female nymphs will fly to other locations, but if in a structure they very well can migrate to another story or corner. O'Hara pest control in Greenacres will usually warn that drywood termites are very cooperative - and have multiple hives that combine.

Perhaps the only plus side of termites is their slow reproduction. In Greenacres Florida O'Hara pest control will normally appraise the size of a swarm and then estimate the duration of settlement. Houses that have been infected for a decade will usually have major structural damage, a chief liability in storm season. Ten years is a long time, but legitimate Greenacres pest control companies like O'Hara Pest Control will caution that termites are silent pests. The only way to tell a settlement's age is a thorough a termite inspection.

While drywood termites can be very furtive, there is one major tell sign. O'Hara pest control will usually look for termite pellets, or droppings, when initially scanning a property. These are usually found in poorly lit environments, but the feces can very well be dropping from the roof into the kitchen.

Given the relative inability to gauge the size of a termite infestation, contact O'Hara pest control as soon as the droppings or actual insects are discovered at 561-655-9011.

Dampwood Termites Pest Control - Greenacres

Dampwood Termites are some the most despised pests along with, well, drywood termites in Greenacres Florida. Nearly everybody is familiar with the freakish Neotermes (termites), the zoological terms for these pests that have damp wood for dinner lots and lots of damp wood. However, for all the notoriety of termites, very few people can easily detect them. This makes sense, as these moisture loving pests are prone to burrow themselves into the wood they then consume. While dampwood termites would soon as infest a log than the foundations of a house, when discovered these pests should be eliminated without impunity.

Rapid breeders, the older mounds of dampwood termites can reach a size of several thousand. While this unto itself can be aggravating, dampwood termites are known to create a slew of termite nymphs that then go on to found colonies elsewhere. In other words, the dampwood termites at outskirts of your property can easily spread to your home. On occasion makes sure to check all areas with moist wood in your home, such as a deck or the home's foundations. If you have concerns, or found dampwood termites, then call 561-655-9011. O'Hara Pest Control services Greenacres for termites in Palm Beach County.

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