There’s something about the hottest months that makes summer pests want to invade our homes. Once you see them creeping around your daily living areas, you’ll need to make sure that you do what it takes to keep these bugs out. 

Otherwise, they’d gladly take up residence in your house. Before things get out of control, consider enlisting the help of a pest control expert to help you nip your pest issues in the bud. In the meantime, check out the pests that you’ll encounter during the summer season.

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What are the Summer Pests that Infest Homes?


Since ants hibernate during the winter season, don’t be surprised if you see armies of them marching through homes during the summer. Since they need to feed their growing colony and have extra reserves for the fall, worker ants don’t stop foraging for food when the weather is hot. 

In their search for food and water, you’ll likely see them in your kitchen. The best way to keep ants at bay is to keep your home clean and tidy by getting rid of crumbs and spills and regularly taking out the garbage. 


Ticks can potentially spread disease through their bites. They’re most active during the summer when people and animals spend most of their time outdoors. 

When mild winters are combined with an increase in deer and rodent populations, you can expect tick bites to surge. You need to check your clothes, skin, and \hair for any signs of ticks before going indoors. Should you find a click, be sure to remove it carefully.  


As the weather becomes warmer, fleas ten to forage for food by laying hold on your furry pets. To keep this from happening, be sure to have your pets treated for fleas by early summer, give them more baths, and keep their sleeping and feeding areas always clean. 

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