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The mere sight of a spider is enough to creep you out and give you the chills. Pesky and extremely disturbing, the fact that they could be deadly and poisonous is not the only annoying thing about these eight-legged arthropods. They actually go on to spin webs that make their presence known, as though the mere sight of them is not enough announcement.

Even if you attempt to look at benefits a spider might present such as eating other pests like flies, not causing as much damage to your home and properties as other pests do, and try to ignore them, the one thing you cannot ignore is the web they spin.

Spider Webs are created by spiders to enable them to catch preys with the sticky strands they contain. They are quite unpleasant not only because of the sight of them but also the feel. Imagine walking into a room and you walk right into them. In most cases, you are not likely to find any spiders in these webs. Not because they have left your house but because they have moved on to a new position. To spin more distasteful webs.

Spiders are very abundant and can be found practically everywhere. In West Palm Beach, Florida, for example, these species of spiders can be found - The Brown Recluse, Widow spiders, the False Black Widow spiders, Funnel Weaver spiders, and the Wolf spiders. Some of these only spin webs while some do not but could give poisonous bites. Either way, there's nothing enticing about housing unwanted spiders.

Reasons You may have Spider Webs in Your House

Apart from the obvious reason being spiders, have you ever wondered what else could be responsible for these spiders and spider webs sights you often come across? Here are possible reasons.

- There are many openings and cracks in the building structure of your house: Spiders can easily sneak into your house through these openings, no matter how little space in there may be. This is due to their small, flat frame.

- Areas surrounding your house are bushy: Plants, flowers, and bushes make the perfect hideouts for spiders and the more this vegetation is, the more spiders there would be. Before long, they would find their way into your house.

- Your house is filled with food for them: No, not the ones in your pantry but rather, flies and insects of all sorts. Spiders feed on these and would be naturally drawn to your home if they sense food. Of course, for some species, webs have to be spun before they can capture their preys.

- Your house needs a good sweep: Or vacuuming. You would already have noticed that it is in those periods when you go back home after a long time away that spider webs are likely to be more prevalent. This is mostly because your house was dark for that period and since a dark place makes for a spider habitat, they are likely to invade and spin.

Why You Need to Get Rid of Spider Webs Now

Haphazard looking and found in every corner you can possibly think of, spider webs should not have a place in your home. Here are the reasons why

  1. You would have a tidier home: After spiders have built and caught preys in their webs, they leave. It would have been pleasant if they go along with their web but they don't and so there are webs everywhere. They are on the walls, windows, behind shelves, around light fixtures and many other places you can't possibly think of because spiders are tiny and so, they can easily spin webs in even the weirdest places. Now, imagine having a guest who happens to be very observant and so, they see a little dash of spider web here and there. Definitely not pleasant.
  2. Spider webs collect more dirt: Webs are silky and sticky which makes it easy for dust particles, dirt to attach to them.
  3. Walking into a web is gross: What's worse than housing spiders and their webs? Walking into a web. That's a whole lot of dirt on you right there.

Spider Webs Removal Mechanism

Eradicating spiders from your home does not necessarily equate to doing the same for its web because some of these webs are in very inconspicuous places.

Here are a few ways to go about removing these webs

Spider Web Removal: This can be achieved via both physical and chemical methods.

Physical methods involve the use of household supplies such as vacuums for areas around your furniture, a fluffy duster with a long handle for places like the ceilings, upper wall parts and nooks or crannies that are difficult to reach.

Chemical methods employ the use of solvents such as a mixture of bleach and water to kill spider eggs and live spiders in a web, spider spray killers and insecticides.

-Bleach and water mixture is sprayed with the aid of a hose or nozzle if spraying is done on the outside of the outside. If it is being done inside the house, a handheld spray gets the job done better. As the mixture is not skin friendly and could be corrosive to the skin, it is advisable to put on protective clothing.

Spider Web Removal West Palm Beach

Pest Management Professionals for Spider Web Removal

Just like every other organism, spiders do not like their habitats to be destroyed and so if you keep destroying their homes, they are more likely to assume it as unsafe and then migrate.

However, you don't have to go through the spiders and spider web removal hassle by yourself as it could be frightening especially if you are arachnophobic. Contacting pest management professionals like the people at O'Hara Pest Control Inc. guarantees top-notch expertise and effective service delivery at these tasks. If you are in West Palm Beach, you should contact them today and get rid of creepy spiders and unattractive spider webs.

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