Extermination Services West Palm Beach

Extermination by O’Hara Extermination in West Palm Beach

Extermination Services West Palm Beach

Extermination of the worst intruders are the main focus of O’Hara Extermination. There are many types of unwanted pests and O’Hara Pest Control handles all the worst intruders to your home and gardens.  Extermination of one of the intruders by O’Hara Pest Control is the Pink hibiscus mealybugs.

Extermination of the Pink Hibiscus Mealybugs by O’Hara Extermination in West Palm Beach

Pink hibiscus mealybugs are quite known for creating an unseemly waxy substance on host’s plants- it doesn’t take O'Hara extermination and pest control much to recognize a late stage infestation. This waxy substance is actually a secretion that turns into the pest’s home- talk about unsanitary living. Such wax also facilitates breeding. Pink hibiscus mealy bug females lay around 600 eggs over their month lifespan. Larva can survive considerable travel distances, most particularly because the wind lifts them up. O’Hara Extermination prioritizes removing this pest if discovered.

West Palm Beach Extermination of the Oleander Caterpillar by O’Hara Extermination

Extermination of the oleander caterpillar is another pest O’Hara extermination will eliminate. Extermination of the oleander caterpillar, which can be found on the  oleander ,desert rose, bougainvillea, natal plumb, rubber vine, and Mandeville. Extermination of this caterpillar is important, as this pest will continue to feed on these leaves until none are left. Not only does this ruin the plant’s visual appeal, loss of leaves also weakens it- without this vital aspect plants cannot photosynthesize as much. Extermination of this caterpillar is very important to the health of the plants, because without photosynthesis plants are slow to rejuvenate sap. Even a minor infestation of aphids can kill such weakened plants. O’Hara extermination will eliminate this caterpillar and its insatiable appetite.

West Palm Beach Extermination of Fire Ants by O’Hara Extermination

Extermination of Fire ants is one of the services O’Hara Extermination offers.  Fire ants, which are ill tempered, aggressive, and practically think with one mind, can sting a person or child who accidentally steps on a fire ant nest. O’Hara Extermination understands that these are some of the worse lawn crashers to deal with. Extermination of this intruder and their painful stings, which can require ten days recovery are imperative to anyone who want to user their outdoors. They will sting both humans and pests so extermination of this ant should be a priority. Fire ants can also give some people an allergic reaction. Extermination of this problem is very important.

At the least, allergies to these ants can cause a rash, but death is also a real possibility. Extermination of Fire ants, who are not particular with who they attack can be brought into the home by your pet. Household pets subject to fire ant attacks may carry a swarm indoors. Fire ants like to make big nests, some of which reach 3 feet in length. Dealing with this pest is no simple manner. For help with the extermination of your fire ant problem call 800-926-9599 or message us at OharaPestControl.com.

Extermination of Cycad Scale by O’Hara Extermination for Businesses and Residents of West Palm Beach

O’Hara Extermination located in  West Palm Beach

O’Hara Extermination of West Palm Beach makes the point to investigate plants with discolored leaves, because such a problem may not only represents thirst, but is also a symptom of cycad scale. Scale never seems to be that much of a threat.  Cycad scale varieties are stationary except for the juveniles that feed on leaves. O’Hara Extermination has witnessed scale not only sapping a plant’s looks, but also its life. O’Hara Extermination can see Cycad scale and cite it immediately. It is white as snow and easy to spot, most particularly in South Florida. Neither the males nor the females are that large, so the initial infestation might be overlooked. Not until a plant seems in the middle of a white winter does the infection become obvious. O’Hara extermination will usually warn that such spreading can happen quite quickly.  Extermination of immature Cycad scales is important as they are light enough to be blown around by the wind and will travel to other plants.

Additional Extermination  Services in West Palm Beach include the control of:

  • Aphids, Whiteflies & Scale which damage flowers and shrubs and serve as food sources for other pests
  • Snails - damage leafy plants and create unsightly slime tracks
  • Crickets - Besides keeping you up at night, they will eat just about anything, including fabrics in your home
  • Gophers, Squirrels & Moles that destroy your lawn and garden
  • Problem Birds that nest on your premises can bring an infestation of biting bird mites

O'Hara Extermination Services by O'Hara Pest Contol. To Learn More call us at 1-800-926-9599 You can also visit O'Hara Landscape and Maintenance to find out about our other services in addition to O'Hara Exterminator Services.

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