You probably think that mice like cheese, but the truth is, they don’t really like it that much. Did you know that these creatures tend to have an incredibly diverse diet? Pest control Jupiter experts say that although mice eat almost any kind of food, they can get their paws on, they take particular interest in certain foods over others. Mice are inquisitive creatures. Since they are naturally curious, they don’t hesitate to try out new food choices. Instead of consuming them in large quantities in a single feeding, they’d rather nibble on their options at random.

Do They Like to Indulge Their Sweet Tooth?

Yes! In fact, mice are crazy about chocolate. It’s probably hands-down their most favorite food. Next is peanut butter. Add candy to the mix, and you’ll make a mouse feel like he’s hit the jackpot. Furthermore, some of their favorites that don’t fall under the sweet food category include pet food, bird food, and cereal.

Do They Eat Cheese?

Although they don’t like cheese as much as they like other foods, they will never turn down a free meal.

Do They Eat Meat?

Yes, they eat meat. They will not refuse any type of protein that’s available for them to eat such as food scraps, snails, and worms.

Do They Eat Grass?

When placed in a natural environment, they won’t refuse to eat a wide variety of vegetation which includes plants, oats, corn, fruits, mushrooms, roots, and tree bark.

Do They Eat Insects?

Yes, they will readily nibble on roaches, cricket, centipedes, and other types of insects.

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