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    Get Pest Control in West Palm Beach from O'Hara Pest Control Inc. We offer complete commercial exterminator and pest control services through out West Palm Beach. If you have Rodents, Rats, Roaches, or Bed Bugs our exterminator experts in South Florida will come to your home or business and give you a cost estimate. Call O'Hara Pest Control in West Palm Beach today at 561-655-9011 to schedule a pest control inspection at your home or business. We are fully licensed and insured and only use pet friendly pest control products.
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    The measure of your satisfaction is based upon the experience of our highly qualified and dedicated pest control staff. Our Expert Pest Control technicians take pride in their work. Their goal is to rid your property of unwanted pests, now and in the future. They determine the problem and find the best solution for your location. Call us for a quote to rid your property of unwanted pests at 561-655-9011.
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    Whitefly and Harmful Insects

    Besides ruining plants and flowers, aphids, whiteflies and scale also attract ants and other insects which feed on a sweet substance, called honeydew, exuding from these pests.Control of these honeydew-producing insects will reduce the attraction of your yard to ants and other insects, and save your plants and flowers in the bargain.
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    Fully Licensed and Insured

    All vehicles are radio dispatched and supervision carries cellular phones to offer prompt electronic access for directors and managers. Work orders and requests are received electronically and are responded to as priority items. Service interruptions are minimized by regularly upgrading equipment and reviewing safety procedures. For your protection, we are fully licensed and insured.
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Pest Control West Palm Beach Commercial Pest Control

O'Hara Pest Control Inc. Residential Pest Control And Commercial Exterminators West Palm Beach FL.

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O'Hara Pest Control in West Palm Beach has been providing reliable pest control services to thousands of South Florida residents in HOA communites, community associations, residential homeowner properties, and commercial properties in West Palm Beach, Palm Beach County, Martin County and Broward County Florida. O'Hara Pest Control has been in business in West Palm Beach since 2012 and has been servicing all South Florida communities for over 6 years. We are a full service pest control provider and can also offer other services such as whitefly removal, and ant and roach removal, and many other pest control services for your community, business or home. Call us today at 561-655-9011 to schedule an appointment for one of our professional pest control service technicians to visit your commercial or residential location.

We Are The Pest Control Experts in West Palm Beach Florida

commercial pest management services west palm beachO'Hara Pest Control offers Pest Control Services, Lawn Care services, Lawn Treatment Services through out South Florida. We will come to any location in South Florida to service your residential home, commercial business or community associations pest control needs. We will also spray your location for mosquitos that may be carrying the zika virus. We also handle many pest control related issues like rodent control, rats, roaches, whiteflies, and bed bugs using our pest control treatments of surronding areas of the home, commercial business or HOA communities in South Florida.

The key to a pest-free home is effective outdoor perimeter control. Once the pests are cleared from the house, it is essential that they be kept out. Rodents large or small can take up residence in trees, shrubs, under decks, on roofs and in attic spaces. They will be looking for food comfort and security and as long as there is abundant outdoor food and no opportunity to obtain food indoors they can be completely content coexisting with humans and use your home as there own. O'Hara Pest Control experts find and eradicate pests at the source, which is usually outside the home. Many times roaches, bees, wasps and hornets will create a nest around your home in trees and shrubs or under your eaves. Occasionally they will find access to your home and will occupy the attic or wall-space between the drywall and the exterior wall.

O'Hara Pest Control offers Lawn Care and Weed Control Services

O'Hara Pest Control will select the best lawn care strategy for weed control on your lawn and in your gardens. Weeds can be defined as unwanted plants or plants growing out of place. O'Hara Pest Control will properly identify why weeds are present in your lawn and take the proper steps to eliminate the weeds. Knowing a weed's growth habit is important when developing an effective lawn care management program.

Commercial Pest Management Services in West Palm Beach

There are many types of unwanted pests and our pest management services can exterminate and will eliminate all the worst intruders. O'Hara Pest Control's commerical pest management services in West Palm Beach can exterminate mosquitos that can cause the Zika virus, sugar ants, whiteflies, bees, wasps, roaches, ghost ants, rats, rodents, or bed bugs. If you have a problem with pests, O'Hara's commercial pest control services in West Palm Beach can exterminate and eliminate the problem.

We are one of South Florida's premier residential pest control and commercial pest management companies.

O'Hara Pest Control is a full service residential and commercial pest control provider. We offer pest control services such as whitefly removal, rodents, bed bugs, ant removal, roach removal, lawn care and lawn treatment services, weed control and weed removal services, and many other commercial pest control services for your community, business or residential home.

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O'Hara Pest Control Inc. is located in the heart of West Palm Beach Florida.

Lawn Treatment and Lawn Care

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O'Hara Pest Control's residential and commercial exterminator services handles the worst pests that can ruin your garden or lawn. Our pest control team will treat your lawn so the pests will not have a place to stay. Our Lawn treatment plan is one of the best services that can help rid your home of outdoor bugs such as cockroaches, white flies, fire ants, and other Florida insects that can ruin your landscaping or cause harm to your loved ones.

Outdoor Pest Control Services

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O'Hara Pest Control offers outdoor pest control services around your residential home and commercial offices. We use only pet safe pest control products when treating residential homes or commercial property.  We eliminate the pests with our pest control and maintain the health of your residential home or commercial property. We work outside on your pest control issues and inside on the pests that invade your home or office.


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Bed Bug Removal 100%
Pest Control for Whitefly 100%
Ficus Tree Pest Control 100%
Pest Control for Fire Ants 100%
Sweet Ants Pest Control 100%
Rodent & Rat Removal 100%
Roaches & Roach Removal 100%

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