Ticks are one of Mother Nature’s most despicable pests. Although they’re tiny, they can potentially cause big problems because they could spread diseases that include Rocky Mountain Spotted fever and Lyme disease. If you don’t know much about these creatures, you might need to find pest control Delray Beach and then check out these tick facts that may surprise you:

Ticks are Like Vampires – They Want to Suck Your Blood

Ticks can’t survive without blood because they need it for sustenance. For instance, the black-legged tick feeds on the blood of white-tailed deer, small wild animals, birds, and humans.

They’re Often Mistaken for Insects

Ticks are classified as arachnids and not insects. They’re distant relatives of the equally infamous spiders, mites, and scorpions. In fact, if you can take a closer look at a tick, you’ll notice that it has the same lack of antennae and four pairs of legs.

Ticks Love Dogs!

Other tick species prefer dogs as host. These include the brown dog tick and the American dog tick. They can easily grab onto a dog that’s going for a walk in wooded locations or playing in the yard. It’s best to check your pet dog for ticks on a regular basis, especially after you take them out on walks or playtime. Also, don’t forget to wash their bedding and plush toys regularly.

Ticks are Little Daredevils

Did you know that ticks can drop from their perch to free fall onto a passing animal or human? They can crawl up low brush or grass in search of their next victim. Although they don’t jump or fly, they can clasp on with their back legs while reaching their front legs out to grab onto a passing host. In case you’re not aware, this process is called questing.

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