Nothing spells fun more than a backyard barbecue. If you’re hosting a weekend cookout, you would want to figure out how to keep those annoying bugs at bay. Otherwise, those pesky creatures could sneak up on your guests and steal all the fun! Here are some of the best tips and tricks to prevent bugs from ruining your cookout. If all else fails, you can call our pest control Delray Beach.

Tips and Tricks to Prevent Bugs from Ruining Your Cookout

Spray for Bugs Ahead of Time

A few hours before your barbecue starts, it’s best to grab a can of mosquito and tick killer and spray for bugs ahead of time. If you’re looking to cover larger areas, you might want to use hose-end sprayers.

Use Oscillating Fans in the Serving and Dining Areas

There’s nothing like a few oscillating fans around the serving and dining areas to keep flying insects away from your food and your guests. The air currents will make it extra hard for these bugs to get through.

Use Pennies and Water

Did you know that placing a few pennies in the bottom of a plastic bag or a glass that’s filled with water can send flies off in other directions? In case you’re not aware, the flies get confused when they see the light that’s reflected from the pennies. Try placing a few water-and-penny-filled plastic bags and glasses on the eating and serving tables to have a fly-free cookout.

Use Brown Paper Bags

You can trick wasps into thinking that there’s a hornet’s nest in your cookout area if you hang brown paper bags near your guest’s eating and sitting areas.

Use Dryer Sheets

Ants couldn’t stand to be near any of those dryer sheets because of the chemicals that they contain. To keep these pests from climbing up your table legs, try placing dryer sheets underneath the table legs. Bonus tip: rubbing dryer sheets on your clothing will also keep mosquitoes away.

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