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Ants are notorious for their painful, burning stings that result in pustules and intense itching, which can persist for up to ten days. If the pustules are broken, infections may occur. Some people even have allergic reactions to ant stings. Besides attacking humans, ants also sting pets, livestock, and wildlife. O'Hara Pest Control's Ant removal serivces can rid your property of these nasty pests. Native to South America, ants are considered an invasive species in the United States and in South Florida. These aggressive insects are reddish-brown to black and from one-eighth to one-quarter of an inch long.

Ants build large nests, usually in the form of visible dirt mounds, but also:

  • In rotting logs
  • Around trees and stumps
  • Under pavement and buildings
  • Indoors
  • Inside electrical equipment and utility housings, sometimes resulting in short circuits.

The most reliable method of ant treatment is to have your local pest control company perform an inspection and determine how to manage the ants in your home.  To avoid bites or stings outside the home, be cautious and observant where you step, sit or place items such as food or drinks. If you see a ant mound, keep an eye on the ground to watch for ant activity. ants favor warm, sunny conditions. They prefer dry fields and avoid shady areas such as woods. Typical mounds can grow up to 61 cm in diameter and 18 cm high. These colonies can contain several hundred thousand ants, including at least one queen.

Let O'Hara Pest Control's Ant removal serivces rid your property of these nasty pests.

Imported ants have been the target of innumerable methods of control. Unfortunately, there are no control methods that will permanently eliminate ants from an area. Four strategies have traditionally been used to control ants:

  • Broadcast bait applications
  • Individual mound treatments
  • A combination of broadcast baiting and individual mound treatments
  • Barrier and spot treatments

O'Hara Pest Control's Ant removal serivce offers all of these treatments. We can also treat your property for sweet ants and. Call O'Hara Pest Control at 561-655-9011. ants are extremely resilient. In areas where both ant populations and native ants have been reduced or eliminated with insecticides, reinfestation by ants may be noticeable within a month after treatment so we will schedule follow up pest control visits to your home or business. ants reinfest these areas more rapidly than other ant species and can outcompete them.

If ant control is not maintained, the subsequent reinfestation of an area may result in even greater ant populations than existed before the application of insecticides.

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One-Node Ants

  • Argentine Ant
  • Carpenter Ant (C. pennsylvanicus)
  • Carpenter Ant (C. modoc)
  • Carpenter Ant (C. vicinus)
  • Crazy Ant
  • Ghost Ant
  • Odorous House Ant
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  • Little Black Ant
  • Pavement Ant
  • Pharaoh Ant
  • Red Imported Ant
  • Thief Ant

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