Your lawn can say a lot about you as a homeowner. We can’t begin to count how often we get questions about how to properly care for grass, so we’ve decided to put together a best practice guide for better lawn care. Here we will cover three main areas of lawn care that many homeowners either neglect or don’t optimize to help you attain that beautiful, envy-inducing lawn you’ve always wanted. For all your lawn service West Palm Beach needs, trust the experts at O’Hara Pest Control.

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Learning to Cut Your Lawn Properly

Lawn Height Matters

Some homeowners choose to cut their lawn as short as the mower allows with the idea that they’ll need to cut the grass less often. This short cut can be harmful to your lawn and frequently cutting it too short can lead to brown spots and dead grass. Other downsides of frequent close mowing include:

  • Increased vulnerability to pests and disease
  • Increases the sunlight that can reach weeds, allowing them to grow
  • Risk of soil compaction

When cutting your grass, it’s best to never remove more than 1/3 of the grass blade length at any one time. This height allows for healthy, full crowns and thick grass to grow. As an added benefit, knowing how high should be cut is a good way of identifying if your lawn service West Palm Beach company is doing a good job of maintaining your grass at a healthy level.  

Timing is Important

The perfect time in the day to cut your lawn is in the late afternoon, there are two reasons for this:

  1. Early morning means wet grass which increases clumping
  2. Mowing in the grass in the heat of the day can cause heat stress on your grass, potentially damaging it

Timing is also important for the season in which you are cutting grass most frequently. To improve growth and density, try reducing mowing frequency, and raise the mowing height of cool-season grasses when hot as dry weather slows their growth rate.

What About Grass Clippings?

Some homeowners don’t like the sight of discarded grass-clippings on their lawn. What they don’t realize is that by removing them, they are robbing the grass of nutrients and nitrogen that are essential for a healthy lawn. The process of leaving grass clippings on the lawn is called grasscycling and it’s highly beneficial for the growth and body of your lawn.

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There’s More to Watering Your Lawn Than You Think

Again, Timing Matters

Watering when the sun is at its highest point or during a hot day is a sure-fire way to lose most of the moisture to evaporation and watering in the evening just invites fungus growth. This makes early morning the best time to water your lawn. This not allows for the most water to be absorbed by the grass, but it also keeps your lawn cooler during the hottest parts of the day. 

Judging the Right Amount of Water

A healthy grass-root is about six to eight inches deep. This means that if you want your grass to absorb the optimal amount of liquid, water should reach that depth. In order to do this, you should water the lawn until it’s filled with about one inch of water, this will ensure that every part of the root gets the hydration it needs.

Are You Using the Right Sprinkler?

As a general rule, a pulsating, revolving sprinkler hooked to a garden hose is the best choice for watering an established lawn. Pulsating sprinklers spread water horizontally and at a high velocity, making it less vulnerable to wind and evaporation. However, newer grass is most responsive to oscillating sprinklers as its more sensitive to water pressure.

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Fertilization is the Key to Year-Round Healthy Lawns

And Once More… Timing!

The absolutely best time to fertilize is in the Spring. The reason for this is that fertilizer is most effective when the soil temperature reaches 55 degrees Fahrenheit. Purchasing a soil thermometer will help you narrow down when to best maximize your fertilizing effort.

Another point to go with timing is purchasing slow-release fertilizers. This way you can nourish your lawn every six to eight weeks, instead of once a month. This is a good method for saving time and money.

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Even Distribution Trumps Amount

Many homeowners make the mistake of purchasing more fertilizer than they need. You can easily cut back on the amount of fertilizer your lawn needs bypassing twice over it with your spreader at right angles and cutting in half the number of times your fertilizer every year. Too much fertilizer can make your grass weaker and susceptible to disease. Getting this right can be tricky which is why many people utilize a professional lawn service West Palm Beach company for their fertilization needs.

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The Type of Fertilizer Matters

Granular fertilizer is the most efficient type of fertilizer for many reasons. For starters, it’s easier to get an even and more accurate spread. Granular fertilizers also tend to last longer, up to six to nine months in some cases, making it a cost-effective method of fertilization.  

You’ll also want organic fertilizers that offer multiple benefits to get more bang for your buck. O’Hara Pest Control has created a special formula for lawn fertilization that combines the benefits of organic and synthetic fertilizers for a complete lawn service West Palm Beach. Some of the benefits of our fertilizer include:

  • Adjusts to the PH level of the soil, improving absorption
  • A time-release recipe that keeps feeding your lawn for 90 days
  • Will not be washed away by rain
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Want Your Lawn to Be the Envy of Your Neighbors? 

Following this advice will get you a step closer to attaining the type of luscious and vibrantly green lawn you see on television. However, there are some lawn treatments you can only get from a professional lawn service West Palm Beach like expertly devised fertilizer and weed treatment. For an above-and-beyond lawn care treatment, call the professionals at O’Hara Pest Control!

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