A lot of homeowners out there are wild about keeping their lawns lush and green. Many of them hire certified and experienced lawn care professionals to make this happen. However, many of those who prefer to keep their lawns healthy without the help of the pros are wondering why their turf grass turns an ugly shade of brown over the summer months. If you’re one of them, know that you can do something to keep your grass emerald green once the summer heat hits.

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Lawn Care Tips When the Summer Heat Hits

Don’t Mow Too Low

Leave your grass about 3 inches high by putting your lawnmower on a high setting. Your lawn’s root system will enjoy more shade from taller blades. When hot summer days come, you’ll need taller blades to keep your roots cooler, deeper, and stronger.

Deep and Consistent Watering

If you’ve been going for shallow watering each day, you’d better switch to watering your turfgrass deeply once or twice a week. Your lawn will be kept green if it has one to one-and-a-half inches of water in it. If you have a home irrigation system, you can have it pre-programmed so that it can do the watering for you.

Water Early in the Morning

Did you know that the best time to water your lawn is at 5:00 A.M.? Again, if you have a home irrigation system set up, you’ll want to set the watering during this time so that your turfgrass will have enough time throughout the day to dry out. Keep in mind that if your lawn doesn’t dry up, it will become more vulnerable to fungal diseases.

Keep Your Mower Well-Maintained

When your mower is poorly-maintained, your turf will suffer. Keep your blades sharpened and your oil, filter, and spark plug changed on a regular basis.

who offers lawn care west palm beach?

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