Are you a homeowner in South Florida who happens to have a lush and green lawn? If you want nothing more than to keep it as healthy as possible all-year-round, you might want to consider enlisting the help of a certified and experienced pest control specialist. In case you’re not aware, certain pests thrive in South Florida lawns. Here’s a look at the most common ones:

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Common Lawn Pests in South Florida

Chinch Bugs

When chinch bugs invade your lawn, your turfgrass will display discolored circular patches. These attacks take place in water-stressed areas that are usually found along the edges of your lawn. In most cases, these are the areas where the grass grows in full sunlight. If you think that these pesky chinch bugs are evenly distributed in a particular infestation site, think again. These infected plots are usually scattered throughout the entire area. These chinch bugs can either be transported to your yard through lawn mowing equipment or the bugs managed to jump from your neighbor’s yard to yours.


These are scarab beetles that have just hatched from the eggs that were laid in your lawn’s soil. This pest has three larval stages and their entire life cycle could last for a maximum of 3 years. When they become adults, they usually feed on tree leaves and ornamental plants. The usual signs of infestation include thinning grass that turns yellow before it dies, and sightings of grub-eating birds and raccoons on your lawn.

Sod Web Worms

Did you know that caterpillars are identified as one of the worst lawn-damaging insects in the world? The larval stage of the caterpillar is often referred to as the sod webworm stage. Sod webworms undermine your lawn’s foundation while they feed on blades of grass at an incredibly high rate. They leave your lawn surfaces brown, thinning, and vulnerable to secondary damage including fungal diseases.

who offers the best lawn care west palm beach?

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