I always thought granular was better than liquid fertilizer because I grew up using it in the lawn care industry. It was the lastest and greatest technology in the ’90s. The liquid may have come out first, but it was replaced by granular, due to the release technology. Liquid only had a release of maybe 14 days and granular six weeks. I was sold, and so was my Dad.

Why is Granular Fertilizer So Prevalent?

Granular is excellent because you can spread it quickly. You also don’t need much equipment to apply it. Most companies that use granular don’t own the proper equipment to apply liquid efficiently. Granular is pushed very hard in the industry for this reason.

With a spray truck, the liquid can be used as fast as granular, but the initial equipment cost is substantial. Equipment should be looked at when deciding to hire a pest control professional. The amount of money an owner is willing to invest in his equipment is directly related to his customers’ investment.

One time I did a test on a few national granular fertilizer brands. I placed piles of granular in the plant beds and allowed them to be irrigated generally over a few weeks.

To my surprise, most brands broke down in a few days. Only one brand did what it was supposed to do. This meant that granular fertilizer doesn’t slow release. It never did. Granular was just a massive dose of quickly soluble nutrients. This made me think.

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How Fertilizer is Applied to Lawns

Granular fertilizer is applied over the top and sits on the soil surface. Over time it releases into the root zone where it is absorbed. Liquid fertilizer is applied over the top where it sits on the leaf and the soil surface. It is absorbed through the foliage and releases into the root zone. Two for the price of one.

Benefits of Liquid Fertilizer

One plus of liquid is the better absorption of nutrients. Some plants are stubborn with granular remaining yellow and looking off-color. Liquid fertilizers can quickly correct plant color issues.

Over time liquid has caught up to granular. Who knew that they would invent slow release liquid fertilizer. We started spraying it, and it lasts longer than granular.

Eight-week durability and looks better than store-bought granular fertilizer. We found ourselves investing in more spray equipment to apply these products to our customers because we liked the way they looked.

Another plus of liquid over granular is the number of different products you can pour in a tank. Any liquid nutrient can be applied and mixed. You are limited to granular. Only so much can fit in a bag. Bags are defined at the bagging facility by percentages. So let’s say you add 3% iron.

Fertilization Makes Your Lawn Look Beautiful

Now picture 3% of the pack in your hand. Now spread that over 10,000ft 2 or 3 yards. Do you think that a little bit is going to do anything? Probably not. Liquid, on the other hand, is thoroughly mixed and will cover every square inch of the leaf blade and soak in through the leaf. Then through the roots. And now for eight weeks.

The color difference is fantastic. The pest control professional has access to many liquid nutrients that a homeowner could never get in a fertilizer bag. For instance, seaweed is regularly sprayed as it is a growth hormone and provides some potassium.

Let a Lawn Care West Palm Beach Professional Help You

That can not and will not be found in a bag of fertilizer at home depot. Yet it is essential and can easily be poured into a tank and sprayed. Many of the natural nutrients we spray can not be applied as a granular. Granular has been passed up by liquid again and is never coming back. If you want a professional in lawn care West Palm Beach, we are here for you. Contact us today for more information.

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