Perhaps you’ve noticed that your next-door neighbor’s sprinklers are always running and you’re wondering if you should be watering your grass at all hours of the day. Maybe you’re one of a thousand others who want to know how much is enough.

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What You Need to Know About Watering Your Lawn

Water Your Grass During the Early Hours of the Morning

In case you’re not aware, you’ll get the best water absorption when everything is cooler at sunrise. On the other hand, watering your grass later in the day where the weather is mostly warm, bright, and breezy, will rob your turfgrass of its much-needed hydration because of the force of the wind and the heat of the sun.

Don’t Water Too Quickly

Some people may think that setting their irrigation systems or sprinklers to their highest settings is a great idea because it can allow them to drench the area within a short period of time. However, watering your lawn too quickly will cause you to experience a runoff. When this happens, your turfgrass won’t be able to absorb enough water. It’s best to check the edge of your lawn to check if precious water is running down the drain.  

Measure Your Output

Daily watering sessions are too frequent and watering once a week is never enough. The last thing you need is to drown your grass and deprive it of the oxygen that it needs to survive and thrive. For this reason, it’s best to measure your output by waiting for three days between each of your watering sessions so that your lawn can have a chance to get a breather. Try placing some coffee mugs around your lawn to check how long your sprinkler system takes to fill each mug to a 1/2-inch mark.  Once you’ve established your number, set the sprinkler system for that amount of time every three days.

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