You’re not the only one who’s wondering why your lawn keeps on dying. This is a common problem among homeowners everywhere. When those brown circular patches on the grass or mushrooms in areas around the lawn begin to show up, people panic. Those who enlist the help of an experienced lawn care specialist get these issues fixed in a snap. However, most of those who choose to go the DIY route doesn’t usually get their desired results.

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Top Reasons Why Your Lawn Keeps on Dying

Heat or Drought

It’s only natural for most turf grasses to become dormant during extended periods of high heat and low supply of water. If you see this happening to your grass during the summer, don’t worry. When the temperature begins to drop and rain resumes, your grass will recover and return to their normal condition. However, to make sure that drought is the reason why your grass is brown, keep an eye out for tree leaves that drop prematurely. Check if they’re folded up as if they’re praying for rain to come.

Maladjusted Sprinklers

Your sprinklers need to reach all areas of your lawn especially during heat waves when brown patches tend to appear. Keep in mind that you can easily adjust your sprinkler heads with the use of a small screwdriver. Also, oscillating sprinklers are more challenging to fine-tune than low-to-the-ground pulsating sprinklers.


Did you know that common weeds compete with your lawn for food and water? Unfortunately, it can be challenging to control weed growth. It takes a professional lawn care company to help you come up with a suitable treatment plan.

Fungal Disease

If you’ve noticed white, brown, or black substances on your grass, you’ve got an issue with fungi. You’ll need to implement proper lawn care in order to resist lawn disease.

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