Homeowners who want to keep their lawns lush and green would want to steer clear of the notorious chinch bug. Although chinch bugs are tiny, these destructive pests have a massive appetite for turfgrass, leaving a scorched-looking, wilted lawn in its wake. If you don’t spot it early, you will need more than a lawn care West Palm Beach professional.

Everything You Need to Know About Chinch Bugs

How They Feed

You might be wondering how these pests manage to wreak havoc on your lawns. As these bugs suck on the blades of grass, they inject them with poison in their saliva. The effect of the poison causes the water movement within the blades to stop until the grass dies. Once the chinch bug has had its fill, it moves on to the next blade of grass. This explains why lawns that are heavily infested with chinch bugs show large perimeters of dead patches in them.

How to Spot a Chinch Bugs

Because these pests are tiny, it can be challenging to spot a chinch bug on your lawn. However, if you’re serious about looking for one, you can grab a magnifying lens and use it as you use your other hand to spread the turf near the soil. The best place to start looking is towards the ends of the lawn. You won’t have to worry about being bitten because chinch bugs are entirely harmless to humans.

In case you’re not aware, chinch bugs can also fly in swarms while they search for food. You won’t miss this when you see it because millions of these bugs would look like they’re filling the sky. Furthermore, these swarms could also look like brown carpets that move across your property.

Hire a Lawn Care West Palm Beach Professional!

If chinch bugs are threatening to invade your lawn, it’s best to hire a lawn care professional before it’s too late. Contact O’Hara Pest Control now to schedule an inspection.

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