St. Augustine Grass Lawn Care South Florida

St. Augustine Grass Lawn Care

The St. Augustine grass is a very popular grass among homeowners in Florida due to the distinct properties it posses. The St. Augustine grass usually comes with stolons which provide a strong covering for the ground and ultimately overcrowd the population of grass and other unwanted weeds and get rid of them from your lawn.

These grasses provide a thick and lush green cover for your lawn, beautify the environment and make it look desirable at all times when put to use. However, users must understand that a lush green and beautiful St. Augustine lawn is not just a given. To achieve that desirable look, there is a lot of care and maintenance that has to be put in place. A St. Augustine lawn which is lacking in care would not look beautiful and lush green. In fact, it would look undesirable and susceptible to the attack of pests and diseases.

Importance of St. Augustine Grass

Using the St. Augustine grass for your lawn has a lot of importance to you and your surroundings. Let’s highlight some of them below.

  •     Helps in Reducing the Influence of Weeds: The St. Augustine grass is the perfect solution for overcrowding and reducing the influence of weeds. Ideally, the stolons come with roots and blades which spread rapidly and take over the whole territory thereby preventing the growth and spread of weeds.
  •     Acts as Adequate Cover for the Lawn: St. Augustine grasses usually form a strong carpet-like structure which provides adequate cover for your lawn at all times. You can be sure of the adequate cover crop that prevents your lawn from wind and erosion at all times with this grass.
  •    Adds Beauty to the Environment: St. Augustine grass adds beauty to your whole space when properly maintained and cared for. It provides a lush green look at all times which is pleasant to the eyes and adds further beauty to your space.

How to Care for the St. Augustine Lawn

To get the best out of a St. Augustine lawn, it is important you put a lot into taking care and maintaining it. We have provided a list of some of the care and maintenance routines needed for a St. Augustine lawn at all times. They include:

  •    Apply Fertilizers

To get the best out of your St. Augustine lawn, it is important you apply fertilizers from time to time. From the onset, you should apply the recommended fertilizer for the type of St. Augustine grass you have in your lawn and you should look towards doing the same at intervals so that it could retain the lush green color and look as healthy as possible.

  •    Regular Watering

As it is for every crop or plant, watering would always go a long way in helping to keep the freshness and beautiful look of your St. Augustine lawn. When you water them, they would look totally revitalized and healthy at all times. For the best results it is advisable to water them daily especially during the summer season. If you can’t keep up with the daily watering, you should at least try to do this three to four times weekly.

  •     Regular Mowing

Regular mowing of your St. Augustine lawn is very important for the desired look and effect. While you must have enough of the grass on your lawn, the moment they become too much, they won’t look as good and they might even become a breeding ground for pests and diseases. To avoid this, try as much as possible to mow your St. Augustine lawn at intervals (preferably once a month) to keep it perfect and healthy.

  •     Treatment when Required

Just like other plants and crops, your St. Augustine lawn can be susceptible to the attack of some pests and insects which would bring about diseases. Once you have noticed this, don’t wait too long before taking a decisive action. You should immediately contact a pest control agency to help you in treating the grass and rid it of the pest or insect attack it might be suffering from. It is important that you don’t do this alone if you care about your lawn as you might not know the most effective way to go about it.

  •     Provide Adequate Diets and Supplements

Once you notice that your St. Augustine lawn is not looking as healthy as it used to, the right thing you should do is invite a professional to help you evaluate what the problem might be. In most cases, it might be as a result of the lack of an essential diet or supplement which must be provided before the St. Augustine grass regains it health and vitality. Once this has been evaluated and ascertained to be so, you should invest in such diet and supplement and administer it to the St. Augustine grass in your lawn. After this, you would discover that your lawn would almost immediately regain its lush green and healthy status.

St. Augustine Grass Lawn Care Services South Florida

Hire O’Hara Pest Control Inc. for all Your St. Augustine Lawn Needs

If you are looking towards a healthy and beautiful St. Augustine lawn, the truth is you must start the planning from the beginning. Never make the mistake of doing it all by yourself when you can get a professional who would help you in doing it right to achieve an outstanding result. For instance, choosing O’Hara Pest Control Inc. guarantees you a desirable St. Augustine lawn that would remain green and healthy at all times. How is this possible? O’Hara Pest Control Inc. would start with you from the planning and planting stage planting stage and provide you with the best and most compatible fertilizer for your St. Augustine lawn. You can continue to rely on them for further consultation is the case of a pest attack, when you need to add further fertilizers, when your lawn needs diets and supplements and every other thing that concerns your St. Augustine lawn.

For the best lawn care service in Florida, don’t hesitate to choose O’Hara Pest Control Inc. as they come with the expertise and experience to deliver the best service for you at a fairly affordable price.

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