If you think you can just sit back and wait after calling an exterminator in West Palm Beach, think again. Eliminating the pests inside your home requires homeowners to partner with professionals. This means you have the responsibility to get your home ready for treatment. Aside from making the treatment unsafe, a lack of preparation can also lead to reinfestation.

How to prepare for an Exterminator West Palm Beach?who offers an exterminator west palm beach?

Prep Steps to Complete Before the Exterminator Visits

Keep Everything Neat and Clean

After calling for service, be sure to do some cleaning around your home. To achieve long-term success, be sure to keep all areas as neat and clean as possible. As soon as you detect water leaks, repair them immediately.

If you see toys, books, magazines, or loose articles of clothing lying around the house, pick them up, and put them away. Remove clutter by disposing of unused piles of paper products.

Wipe down the baseboards and scrub woodwork with detergent. Mop your hard-surface floors and vacuum your carpeting and furniture. Don’t forget to clean inside closets and along walls. Shake out your pillows and cushions and wash all bedding (including pet bedding).

Eliminate Possible Food Sources

Be committed to wiping down spills and getting rid of crumbs immediately. It’s best to keep your kitchen countertops clean and dry. Furthermore, remove all traces of grease on your appliances–this will only attract more unwanted visitors.

Put all of your exposed food away and store them in glass or metal containers that come with tight-fitting lids. Finally, relocate pantry food from the cabinets to a table, away from possible treatment areas.

Seal Possible Entry Points

Look around for any signs of cracks along your home’s foundation. This could include:

  • Holes along your baseboards
  • Holes in walls
  • Gaps on the roof or utility lines
  • HVAC

If you find an issue in one of these places, be sure to repair them right away!

Make Arrangements for Your Family

It’s essential to ensure the safety of your kids, pets, and live indoor plants. If you’re living with someone who’s pregnant or has respiratory issues or allergies, keep them out of the house during and following the extermination treatment. If you have fish aquariums, be sure to cover them and unplug the filters.

How to prepare for an Exterminator West Palm Beach?who offers spider control west palm beach?

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