How Do I Control Rodents in My House?

When it comes to controlling rodents in your house, you’ve got two choices: do it the easy way or the hard way. Getting rid of these pesky creatures can be as simple as enlisting the help of a rodent control professional in West Palm Beach.  

Unless you leave the job to the pros, you’ll find yourself chasing invisible rodents in walls. If you’re willing to face these disease-carrying pests on your own, here’s what you should know about controlling rodents in your home.

How Do You Keep Rodents Out of Your Home? 

Locate and Eliminate Their Entry Points

You’ll have to do a little bit of detective work by figuring out where the rodents are coming from. Keep in mind that mice are able to squeeze themselves into cracks in the foundation, utility pipes, vents, openings in the walls, and window gaps and doors. Once you’ve determined their potential entry points, seal them right away.  

Avoid using rubber, wood, plastic, or any material that rodents can gnaw through. For door and window gaps, it’s best to use weather stripping. Use steel wool to eliminate holes and caulking to seal cracks. 

Keep Your House Clean and Tidy

Did you know that rodents can live on just four grams of food each day? Be sure to vacuum your floors to get rid of crumbs and wipe down counters to eliminate residue. Store your food in airtight containers and secure your garbage.   

You’ll also want to get rid of the piles of newspapers and magazines that you keep in your basement. Rodents love to nest and burrow in cluttered areas.   

Remove Debris Around Your Home

If you want to stop rodents dead in their tracks, be sure to take down shrubs and vines growing near your home. Don’t forget to keep palm trees trimmed and prune back tree branches within three feet of your roof to prevent roof rats from gaining entry. You can also discourage rats from using bushes as cover by thinning them out. 

Rodent Control West Palm Beach

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