How to Get Pest Control in West Palm Beach

How to Get Pest Control in West Palm Beach

Ever tried searching West Palm Beach on Google? If you have you’d notice there’s virtually nothing appalling that’s represented. All you see is beautiful locations, city lights, serene neighborhoods, the Mayor, the cultural representation and the land mass. This is why most people do not know of the pest infestation in West Palm Beach. Sadly, behind every door, at the corners of buildings, at the basement or attic and even our back and front yards, there they are, laying, hoping not to be seen, sending chills down your spine once you see them, bugs, rodents, cockroaches even molds can be found almost everywhere in this city.

This is the reality of West Palm Beach Florida, there is one form of pest or the other, some more harmful than the last. The city is beautiful no doubt, the museums, festivals, colorful bars and sceneries make it a tourist destination site. Tourists are however unaware of the pest situation here, which is why it is up to residents and the government alike to fix this anomaly as no one would want to visit a city riddled with bugs and flies.

What are Pests?

Pests are a set of living organisms that compete with humans for space, water, food and air. They are usually invasive and have a knack for destroying our homes and infesting our living environment with diseases. Examples of pests include, crickets, ants, cockroaches, seagulls, crows, locusts, mosquitoes, vampire bats, termites, caterpillar, cane toads, etc.

The Dangers Posed by Pests

There are a lot of things we have had to compete with in our living environment as humans and one of the most recurring examples of such things are pests. Pests have had a way of derailing and destroying our efforts on a lot of fronts and they still continue to do so.

Due to their abilities to multiply in a short period of time and survive in our habitats, pests have succeeded in turning a lot of our living spaces to their colonies and negatively infect our foods, and living environment. As a matter of fact, pests are only interested in causing discomfort and harm to us and preventing us from enjoying our immediate environment. It is also important for us to understand that pests do more than causing discomforts to us. Most of them are hosts to a wide variety of diseases and illnesses. For instance, mosquitoes carry the virus that causes malaria while cockroaches are a host to a lot of bacteria which causes serious infections. Also, other pests like ants, and all sorts of rodents are capable of causing serious damages to our homes. For example, an ant could eat up and destroy our furniture and rodents can dig long holes within our structures which would end up causing major damages to the structure.

Pest Control Mechanisms                                  

In recent years, there have been a lot of concerted efforts to fight and combat the spread of pests in our homes and living environment. Local and international health and environmental agencies have come up with a lot of control mechanisms and all of them have been deployed by various individuals to secure their structures from the infestation of pests. Some of these methods have been very effective, while others have not been so good. Some of them include:

  • Use of Insecticides

A lot of homes and offices have devised the use of insecticides to combat the infestation of pests in their structure. Naturally, insecticides are designed to kill pests in homes by applying them to places where these pests are found. Most times, they are able to immediately kill the pests and grant the inhabitants a little bit of reprieve. However, insecticides are not able to guarantee a total recovery of the living space from the pests that have colonized it and this is why they are not that effective.

  • Poisoned Baits

Another control method that has been used in controlling the spread of pests in their homes is the poisoned baits. This usually involves putting poisons in foods that may attract the pests and once they eat such food, they would die off. The problem with this method is that it doesn’t make enough provisions for all types of pests and there is the issue of leaving such poisoned baits around your home as they could be dangerous to your young ones and the pets.

  • Fumigation Control

Fumigation usually involves the process of applying insecticides and other pest inhibiting chemicals in a habitat that has been colonized by pests. Such habitat is always enclosed and covered by whichever technique a pest control professional deems fit to ensure that there could not be any escape or breathing space for the pests. The pest inhibitors would then be released into the space and left for a period of time that is deemed sufficient to destroy all the pests available in such habitat. Fumigations are known to be very effective and usually get rid of all pests in the space once they are carried out effectively.

Pest Control in West Palm Beach Florida

Looking for a Pest Control Professional in West Palm Beach?

Let’s be frank, the real solution for taking care of pest invasion is not to do it by yourself but to contact a professional pest control firm to help you as they are well equipped and positioned to do a better and a healthier job. If you are looking for a pest control professional in West Palm Beach that would help in reclaiming your living space and structures from pests, you should look no further than O’Hara Pest Control Inc. Choosing O’Hara Pest Control Inc. would guarantee you the following:

  • A guaranteed service that would totally reclaim your home, office and other structures from pests and leave them totally healthy for living.
  • A fully licensed and insured pest control firm.
  • A firm that puts safety first in its dealing by having health individuals that would determine the safety of the chemicals they would use first before applying them.
  • An experienced firm with a track record of excellent service delivery.

Why not put a call through to them today and let them help you take care of the stubborn pests that are hell bent on destroying your structures.

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