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Owned this home for 43 years.

I have owned my home in Boca Raton for 43 years -- some would call me a "native".

When my husband was alive he handled the pest control process and did a pretty good job.  Since his death, I have tried many pest control services over the years, but still had bugs and hated the chemical smell they left behind.  They would douse the inside of my home with who knows what???????

I found O'Hara Pest Control about 2 years ago.  They treat my house from the "outside", not the inside.  An approach the other pest control companies did not use.  Instantly, I started seeing amazing results.

O'Hara's always call me the day before they wll be coming to spray, even though they do not need access to the inside of the house.

They are true professionals in every sense of the word.

I would highly recommend them if you are looking for a reliable & reasonable pest control service. 


Alice Vincent


Pest Control

Since utilizing O'Hara Pest Control I am no longer pestered with bugs in or outside of my home.


Previously I had a well known pest control company and my home had bugs inside and out all the time.

They would come and give me a song and dance about...the bugs are mating....too much rain....not enough rain and the excuses why bugs would be in and outside my house just continured

At one time my pavers were  inundated with fire ants nesting in the seams.  Also, I had whitefly in my trees leaving a black residue on my cars and driveway.


Since hiring O'Hara Pest Control, I no longer have those problems. I do not get a biology report on the habitation of bugs accompanied by a weather report.  

O'Hara Pest Control is efficient., arrives when scheduled and I would highly recommend them. 


O'Hara Pest Control is the best.



O'Hara Pest Control services are very knowledgeable and professional.  On a scale of one to ten, I would give them a eleven.  Not only did O'Hara Pest Control save some of my prized exotic palms that were dying of white fly disease but also saved my Italian Cypress which are doing better than ever.  Whenever I have questions on anything, they will  treat me like I'm their only customer and give me immediate service.  Also their services are very fair and compared to other companies and will not cost you a arm or a leg.  With O'Hara Pest Control you will get alot more bang for your buck compared to other companies I deal with in the past. Thank You again for all Your hard work O'Hara.  Jim A.


O'Hara Very Reputable

O'Hara Pest Control was right on time, went above and beyond and I will most definitely use them again.  I actually need more tree treatments along with a routine debugging inside my house - the summer brings out the pests.  I highly recommend them.  Thea Gillam


Reliable Service

Ive been using O'Hara for my pest control for several years now.  They are reliable, and always available for a callback should any pests appear.


Great Customer Service!

We switched to O'Hara Pest Control a little over a year ago, and our yard has never looked better!  They send the same technician every time, so he knows me, our yard, our issues.  In between service visits, if we ever have a problem...they tend to it right away.  A+ customer service.


Mrs. Ina

Very satisfied customer!  Have been using for 2 years


ebony hudson

Good service


Ricardo saintilma

24 hour turn around. They came fast and did a good job.


Thomas Benel

Good work. I am happy with the job.


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