It doesn’t matter if you own a restaurant or a fancy hotel – the last thing that you’d want to deal with is a customer complaining about pests in your facility. Before you pest issues tarnish your sterling reputation and hurt your business, it’s best if you hire a commercial pest control West Palm Beach service provider to tackle the problem as discreetly and as efficiently as possible. Check out the pests that commonly show up in commercial settings:


These pests typically show up wherever there’s food. The best way to keep them out is to store food items in tightly sealed containers that are placed at least 18 inches away from the walls to prevent mice and rats from crawling inside in search of a meal. Since dirty dishes that are left out for too long are magnets for these pests, make sure to promptly collect them once your guests have finished their meals.

Bed Bugs

If you’re in the hotel business, it’s extremely important to have the beddings thoroughly inspected for any signs of bedbugs such as reddish stains on the sheets and mattresses caused by bed bugs that were crushed, small dark spots of their fecal matter, and pale-yellow eggshells that were shed by nymphs, and live bedbugs.


Fly infestations are common problems in restaurants. These pests contaminate your food and surfaces and they can lay hundreds of eggs into your food shipments. To avoid them, keep your facility clean by promptly cleaning up spilled sauces, crumbs, and other food products with the use of disinfectant cleaners. Have all trash receptacles sanitized, your drains regularly cleaned, and your food stored in sealed containers.


Since cockroaches can survive over a week without water and months without food, it’s critical to establish preventive measures by keeping your facility’s surfaces clean and dry at all times.

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