Many homeowners wonder when the next cockroach season is going to be. The truth is, it all depends on where you live. If you live in Florida, you can expect to battle these creatures at any time of the year because the climate is mild enough for roaches to thrive. If you suspect a roach infestation in your home, it’s best to enlist the help of a pest control professional to keep those hardy insects at bay. In the meantime, check out the best ways to handle these pesky pests so you can avoid calling cockroach control West Palm Beach.

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How to Prevent Cockroaches from Entering Your Home

Get Rid of Food Sources

Cockroaches are known to be very persistent when searching for food and eat anything that they can get their hands on. These insects can survive without water for about two weeks if their food contains enough moisture. It’s best to remove liquids or any standing water from the sinks and buckets. 

Furthermore, be sure to get rid of powders or crumbs left on the tables, desks, and kitchen counters. Since they can easily pick up the scent of food, be sure to store your food in airtight containers and rinse away any leftover residue in boxes before you throw them into your garbage bin. Also, be sure to empty your garbage bins regularly.

Clean, Clean, Clean!

Keeping your environment clean is one of the best ways to prevent a roach infestation. Since roaches are nocturnal creatures, avoid leaving pet food, drink, as well as litter trays before bedtime. While you’re at it, check to see if your kitchen and food storage and handling areas are squeaky clean, too.


Clutter makes it easy for roaches to leave their droppings in your home. Unfortunately, their droppings contain pheromones that attract other roaches to the same spot. Get rid of old newspapers, magazines, cardboard, and packaging ASAP.

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