Pest Control West Palm Beach | How to Identify an American Dog Tick

The American dog tick (Dermacentor variabilis) is found exclusively along North America’s east coast. This blood-sucking ectoparasite is notorious for harboring bacteria that cause serious medical conditions in their human victims. If you see one of these pests around your property, be sure to hire a pest control West Palm Beach expert to fix your[...]

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Yacht Pest Control West Palm Beach | Keeping the Pests Out of Your Yacht During Winter

Are you a yacht owner who lives in an area where a year-round boating season isn’t offered? If so, then you probably understand the importance of having your vessel winterized. The process of winterizing your yacht involves several steps – and one of which is yacht pest control West Palm Beach. Take look at this[...]

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Spider Control West Palm Beach | How to Spot a Spider Egg Sac

A spider’s life cycle is interesting. From being an egg, it turns into a nymph until it becomes a full-grown adult. Throughout these three life stages, a gradual metamorphosis takes place. Although the entire process can be fascinating, the last thing that most people want is a spider in their homes. If you want to[...]

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Ant Control West Palm Beach | What are Ghost Ants?

Did you know that ghost ants don’t usually fall for ant baits? This is why numerous homeowners hire ant control West Palm Beach service providers to help them get rid of these pests. If you don’t know much about the ghost ants that are trying to invade your home, take a look at these facts:[...]

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West Palm Beach Pest Control | The Types of Ants In a Colony

Most homeowners who hire West Palm Beach pest control service provider to help them get rid of an ant infestation are often unaware of the nature of ant colonies. Did you know that an ant colony isn’t just a physical structure of their home, but it also embodies the social rules that keep these ants[...]

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Pest Control Boynton Beach | Termites vs Your Hard Wood Floors

Are you dealing with termites in your home? If your house is primarily made out of wood, it’s extremely important to enlist the help of a seasoned pest control Boynton Beach professional before those pests cause considerable damage to your hardwood floors. If you don’t know much about termite infestations, and how they can potentially[...]

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Exterminator West Palm Beach | Difference Between an Exterminator and a Pest Control Professional

Most folks who find themselves dealing with pest issues in their homes and businesses immediately think about employing the services of an exterminator West Palm Beach – or a pest control specialist. But what is the difference between both? Although these two types of experts can effectively deal with the pest infestations that you would[...]

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Roach Control West Palm Beach | How to Identify a Florida Woods Cockroach

A native to the southeastern parts of the United States, the Florida woods cockroach or the Eurycotis Floridana is also known as the palmetto bug. This pest is often found in greenhouses, storage areas, shelter boxes or water pumps. The Florida woods cockroach can find its way into your home when it’s transported indoors through[...]

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Rodent Removal West Palm Beach | Pack Rat Facts You Never Knew

What do you know about the infamous pack rat? If you suspect a packrat infestation in your home, you’ll need to call a rodent removal West Palm Beach service provider before the situation gets worse. However, one of the best ways to deal with a packrat problem is to familiarize yourself with its characteristics and[...]

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Pest Control Services West Palm Beach | What You Need to Know About Mouse Nests

Like other rodents, house mice deliver and raise their young in the nests that they build anywhere in your home. As soon as you spot mouse droppings anywhere in the house or hear scratching and squeaking sounds from behind your walls, you’ll need to check your surroundings for any signs of a mouse nest. It’s[...]

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