Get Rid of Ants O’Hara Pest Control Safe treatments

Ants are as close as they come when making the common phrase; small but mighty. This group of nagging insects lives in colonies and are known to continually forage into our homes and causing a lot of damages that are way bigger and heftier than their sizes. Most times, they are only recognized for the[...]

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Sugar Ant Removal O’Hara Pest Control Hollywood Florida

The most reliable method of sugar ants removal is to have O’Hara Pest Control perform an inspection in and outside your home and / or business. Sugar ants can typically be found in: rotting logs around trees and stumps under pavement and buildings inside electrical equipment inside utility housings, sometimes resulting in short circuits. Sugar[...]

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West Palm Beach Lawn Treatment Lawn Spraying

Lawn Spraying & Lawn Treatment for Pest Control in West Palm Beach Florida Lawn and Pest control services from O’Hara Pest Control include Lawn Spraying Lawn Treatment, and Lawn Maintenace around your home and the perimeter of your home and all of your property to get rid of many different kinds of pests, insects, and[...]

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O’Hara Pest Control Weed Control Pompano Beach

O’Hara Pest Control will select the best weed control strategy for weed control on your lawn and in your gardens in Pompano Beach. Weeds can be defined as unwanted plants or plants growing out of place. O’Hara Pest Control will properly identify why weeds are present in your lawn and take the proper steps to[...]

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About O’Hara Pest Control

Pest Control in West Palm Beach O’Hara Pest Control in West Palm Beach has been providing reliable pest control services to thousands of residents in HOA communites, community associations, residential homeowner properties, and commercial properties in West Palm Beach, Palm Beach County, Martin County and Broward County Florida. O’Hara Pest Control has been in business since[...]

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Have A Beautiful Lawn O’Hara Pest Control Lawn Disease Care

Lawn Disease Care in Delray Beach by O’Hara Pest Control Lawn Disease Care Services O’Hara Pest Control provinces Lawn Disease Care in Delray Beach.  If your lawn has lawn disease, you may see brown patches and weeds overtaking your lawn. O’Hara Pest Control Lawn Disease Care in Delray Beach understands the issues that cause lawn[...]

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Kill Roaches and Ants O’Hara Pest Control West Palm Beach Florida O’Hara Pest Contol eliminates Roaches and Ants Indoors and Outdoors

Kill Roaches and Ants West Palm Beach Florida There are a variety of ants that may infest your home, business or boat. Got Ghost Ants?‎ The Ghost ants are extremely small and pale which makes them difficult to see. Worker ants are all the same size.  Ghost ants can be distinguished  from other ant species[...]

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O’Hara Pest Control Bed bugs Exterminator Boca Raton

Bed bugs Exterminator O’Hara Pest Control Bed bugs Exterminator knows that bed bugs are incredibly hard to get rid of. Bed bugs are highly resilient and breed amazingly fast. O’Hara Pest Control Bed bugs Exterminator won’t waste any time getting to your Home in Boca Raton. We are ready and can be at your home first thing[...]

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Rodents Control West Palm Beach

Humanity has always wondered and fantasized about alien invasions and the possibility of them ever happening. Although, Hollywood seemed to have a way of reminding us all that we might already have aliens among us and that a lot of them are likely going to be invading in the not too distant future, we believe[...]

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Ant Removal Services West Palm Beach Florida

Ants are notorious for their painful, burning stings that result in pustules and intense itching, which can persist for up to ten days. If the pustules are broken, infections may occur. Some people even have allergic reactions to ant stings. Besides attacking humans, ants also sting pets, livestock, and wildlife. O’Hara Pest Control’s Ant removal[...]

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