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Bee Removal in West Palm Beach

Bees are usually of the highest concern for homeowners. The dangers associated with bees in West Palm Beach make them a priority when discovered. Bees can build their nests on the outside of homes, in attics, on bushes, trees, sheds, playscapes and even in old cars. Bees can build large hives in the exterior wall of homes, in attics and trees and usually require the hive to be removed to gain control. The climate in West Palm Beach Florida is very favorable for their populations to thrive and remain active through most of the year. Removal of these nests is usually recommended to be done by a professional due to the dangers of disturbing them. O'Hara Pest Control will remove any bee hives around your home or office in order to prevent a serious problem occuring.

Swarming is the honey bee's method of colony reproduction. The old queen and about half of the worker bees leave their former nest and seek a new home, usually in the spring but sometimes at other times of the year when local conditions permit. To start the process, certain worker bees, called "scouts," begin to canvas the surrounding territory for a potential new nesting site even before the swarm leaves its original colony.

A departing swarm consists of a large number of bees flying in a cloud that seems to drift along through the air. People not familiar with honey bees are generally frightened by such a mass, which can contain 5,000 to 20,000 bees, but unless a bee becomes tangled in someone's hair, it isn't likely to sting. The queen is in the group, but not leading it. Usually within 100 to 200 yards of the original hive, the bees land on an object and form a cluster, which looks like a seething, fuzzy glob of insects. Sometimes bees fly from the cluster to collect water and food, but most workers leaving the cluster are scouts that search out potential new home sites for the swarm. When they return from a good site, they dance on the cluster to communicate the location of their find.

O'Hara Pest Control Bee Removal Experts

An O'Hara Pest Control exterminator can evaluate the type of stinging bees around the home, office, and yard. Due to the variety of bees it may require a specialized approach as African Honey bees are extremely dangerous. A trained bee removal specialist will perform the initial treatment with a variety of materials and the proper protective equipment to eliminate, and remove if necessary the entire bee hive. An O'Hara Pest Control maintenance program will allow frequent treatments of new bee nests that are starting up, thus providing constant coverage. Call O'Hara Pest Control Bee services today at 561-655-9011 if you have a bee hive or bee problem that you need to have removed.


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