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Bed bug treatments can be a major pain for everyone involved, particularly for those in subtropical areas like Boca Raton –the whole of South Florida, actually. Yes, bed bugs are a major hassle from Cape Cod to LA, but the bloodsuckers breed quicker and migrate more easily where it's warm and humid.

Given how common bed bugs are, plenty of residents within Boca Raton try to find permanent and cheap solutions. After all, plenty become impatient with professional bed bug treatments. Bed bugs are resilient. They can survive for upwards of a year without blood and can hide in any number of locations. To make matters even worse, bed bug eggs are practically impervious to chemical treatments –both sprays and dusts.

Residents can become impatient and even blame the pest control professional's competency. To be fair, there certainly are a few bad apples within pest control, but most of us are very qualified and respected. Anything else isn't good enough for South Florida, where everything from termites to whitefly are a constant problem.

Residents within Boca Raton value DIY grit. While there's plenty of instances where such standards are laudable, bed bug treatments aren't one of them – at least if the resident isn't trained in effective pesticide use or bed bug elimination. Some common mistakes resident make when dealing with bed bugs include:

Sleeping elsewhere –Bed bugs generally stick to where feeding is easy, and that means the bed room. Moving to another sleeping location, like the couch, might seem an easy solution. Not so. Bed bugs are equipped with the ability to both sense body heat and Co2 emissions from the body. Switching where you slumber only further spreads bed bugs and helps infest more furniture.

Using foggers or bug bombs –Bug bombs don't work on bed bugs. Period. In fact, if the bed bugs are affected at all they'll merely scatter –not die. Much like sleeping in another location in the house, this merely makes elimination of bed bugs that much harder.

Getting rid of furniture –Like the rest of South Floridians, plenty of Boca Raton residents pride their style. If merely looking to get some new furniture then go ahead and do that, but don't feel pressured to get new furniture simply due to a bed bug infestation. Yes, plenty of bed bugs may be living within the furniture, but they're also likely in-between the walls, in cabinets, clothes, and elsewhere. Throwing out furniture over bed bugs is just needless waste, not to mention can spread the pestilence elsewhere.

Leaving –As mentioned, bed bugs can survive for upwards of a year without feeding a single time. Leaving for a short duration won't do anything about the infestation at home and there's a good chance you'll merely bring the bed bugs to wherever you're spending the night. Friends, family, and hotels will certainly be glad to receive you but not if bed bugs are left in your wake.

Using DEET –DEET does not work against bed bugs. Again, DEET does not work against bed bugs. In fact, there is no known bed bug repellant. Plenty of people resort to using this and other sprays, often to the detriment of their and their loved one's health.

Bed bugs aren't fun to deal with, but the sooner professionals are contacted the sooner the problem will go away. However, residents still play an integral role in combating bed bugs.  Keeping bed legs dusted, vacuuming, and implementing bed bug dissuading equipment such as mattress covers all help – just do yourself a favor and leave the chemical spraying to the professionals. For more information on bed bug treatments and inspections, call 561-655-9011 or message OHaraPestControl.com – now serving Boca Raton and surrounding areas!

Bed Bugs can Infest Boats – Boca Raton

Bed bugs aren't particular about which beds they infest, if any at all –and that includes boats currently docked in the Boca Raton Marina. Without doubt, bed bugs are way more common in areas that have a lot of foot traffic and people. Still, anybody can track bed bugs into a boat and once there they will either multiple or hibernate –all depends on the frequency of their next blood meals.

Obviously, cruises and the like are way more at risk for bed bugs, but private boats can also host these unwelcome visitors. Nobody wants the nasty surprise of leaving port only to find they're being eaten alive by these pests, particularly in climates like that of Boca Raton. While bed bugs can infest just about anywhere, they mature and spread more easily in hot and humid climates.

All experts agree –if bed bugs are on a boat, then professional treatment if necessary, and that's where we and similar services come in. Be careful though. While many Boca Raton pest control services are altogether way too familiar with bed bug infestations, many aren't acquainted with maritime pest control and the like. That's where we come in, again. Our treatments are meant to cover all areas bed bugs are likely to infest, not just the cabins of your vessel. Bed bugs excel at hiding in nooks and crannies and doing so doesn't prevent them from once again finding you –that's their evolutionary edge. These creatures are incredibly sensitive to body heat and chemicals, not to mention the CO2 we exhale. Even if a few bed bugs survive count on dealing with another wave of infestations, as many Boca Raton residents can attest.

Depending on the boat, some treatment methods might not be available –particularly heat treatments, the most effective means to eliminate bed bugs. If such a case, plan two is fumigation and pesticide dusts. While effective, boats will be land locked for a little while. Bed bugs quickly build resistances to many pesticides and the eggs are virtually immune. In climates like Boca Raton, baby bed bugs hatch within three weeks time, so count on multiple treatments over the course of that month. Still, the alternative of living with these creatures is much worst.

If you suspect bed bugs are infesting your boat, or anywhere for that matter, don't hesitate to call 561-655-9011 or message OharaPestControl.com –now treating Boca Raton and surrounding areas!

Taxis can Avoid Bed Bug Blues – Boca Raton

Counter intuitively, bed bugs not only frequent the bedroom –plenty of Boca Raton transport services can certainly vouch for that. Recently, bed bugs have been making headlines for potentially infesting everything from libraries to movie theaters. The real key is human traffic. While taxis and buses might not be the equivalent of beach front hotels, bed bugs still might crawl off transients and infest the automobile –bad news for both drivers and the next fare.

In fact, bed bugs can find taxis and limousines very preferable, with buses, trains, and airplanes being a distant second. Boca Raton certainly knows how to party and attracts a slew of tourists that forgo car rentals. Obviously, night is among the most active times for taxis and other transport services –this also when bed bugs bite.

Without doubt, bed bugs are both a personal and business concern, particularly in warm and wet Boca Raton. Drivers and other attendants are the most likely to with bites, as they're the most consistent target within automobiles. Fares can also pick-up the nuisance. Bed bugs might be hard to notice, but the creatures certainly aren't invincible –people can even feel the blood suckers crawling on them. A taxi service known for bed bugs doesn't remain popular for long, particularly in this world of online reviews.

Bed bugs can be hard to eradicate, even in cars. Adults live for upwards years without feeding and usually only do so a few times each week. The problem unto itself won't go away, particularly since most cars have more than enough upholstery to nest and cars are a sealed environment bed bugs can't easily escape.

Finding a pest control company used to treating cars can be tricky –most are used to heat treatments within building and the like. Still, such a service isn't only possible, but necessary. Insecticide dusts are completely possible, as are minor heat treatments of the upholstery. Like always, thoroughness is necessary. Don't be surprised if we take out seats to deliver concentrated treatments.

Our services can only do so much. Most taxis and other transportation services generally make sure to keep a clean ride, but this concern need be doubled if playing host to bed bugs. Most Boca Raton taxis drivers are used to regular vacuuming due to sand and the like, but chores should happen more frequently if dealing with these louts. For more information on bed bug treatments call 561-655-9011 or message OharaPestControl.com –now operating in Boca Raton!

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