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Big Headed Ant Removal in Palm Beach

Big headed ants ruin sweets and farm devastation. Not cool. These ants operate like all other ant species and have hives, workers, queens and all the rest of it. Yes, big headed ants become attracted to sweet substances, no matter if from pantries or outside plants. Annoying, right? After all, who enjoys that rancid taste of ant when taking a bite of breakfast cereal? Not only a hazard to foodstuffs, big headed ants love honeydew - the sweet material produced by other pests such as aphids and whiteflies, both of which are plentiful in Palm Beach Florida. In fact, big headed ants are known to farm aphids for honeydew, facilitating multiple pest problems. Worse yet, honeydew encourages black mold infestations, a real eye sore and plant killer. Big headed ants give infrastructural damage has whole new meaning.

While all of this can be a major nuisance, big headed ants are particularly problematic due to their cooperative nature. Multiple nests can quickly combine to create mega-nests, with worker ants following any available queen. If left unchecked, big headed ants are near impossible to eradicate, as multiple sub-nests can exist in the home or lawn. If dealing with big headed ants in Palm Beach call 561-655-9011. O'Hara Pest Control is proudly serving all of Palm Beach Florida.

Fire Ant Removal in Palm Beach

Fire ants are ill tempered, aggressive, and practically think with one mind. Without a doubt, these are some of the worse lawn crashers to deal with - just look at Sandcut. Their painful stings can require ten days recovery and some people have an allergic reaction. At the least, these unlucky souls deal with a rash, but death is also a real possibility. Fire ants aren’t particular with who they attack - any perceived threat is game. Household pets subject to fire ant attacks may carry a swarm indoors not fun. Fire ants like to make big nests, some of which reach 3 feet in length. Dealing with this pest is no simple manner. For help with your fire ant problem call O'Hara Pest Controls Fire Ant extermination team at 561-655-9011.

Carpenter Ant Removal in Palm Beach

Good thing ants are the size they are. With carrying capacities 50 times their own body weight and incredible breeding speeds, these creatures could be humanity’s top menace if any larger. However, even with their miniscule size carpenter ants are capable of major damages to one’s ornamental plants and home, most particularly carpenter ants. While other ants are mere eyesores that even provide pest control, carpenter ants make their homes in wood. Thankfully, these ants cannot digest wood cellulose like termites. However, they love human cupboards and fruit trees, even in Palm Beach folks. One of the most nondescript forms of ant, many people require professional assistance to identify carpenter ants - call us at 561-655-9011 for assistance with removing carpenter ants.

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