After squashing an ant on your countertop, you were probably shocked to see more of them around your kitchen sink. Spotting some house ants in your kitchen can be very frustrating. You’d want to get rid of them fast. In their search for food, the ants that usually find their way into kitchens through cracks in doorways, windows, and floors are of the Argentine, Little Black, Odorous House, or Pharaoh varieties. Our ant control West Palm Beach can help.

How to Get Rid of Pesky Ants in Your Kitchen

Look for the Entry Point

First, you need to identify their possible entry points such as cracks in the doorways, windows, and floors. It could also be a window screen that’s torn or a bunch of small holes found inside your kitchen cabinet that’s mounted against your kitchen’s external wall. 

Locate the Nest

Track the ant’s movements after they exit your kitchen because this will lead you to their nest, which could look like a pile of debris or decaying leaves. Possible nest locations could be indoors such as a cabinet void or a wall that’s damaged by moisture. The nest could also be located outdoors in a tree or on the ground. 

Destroy the Nest

If the nest is in a wall void, use a plastic squeeze bottle to apply a thin layer of boric acid powder over the nest before using a vacuum to remove the nest from the void. Promptly dispose of the vacuum dust collector’s contents outdoors. 

Be sure to reapply boric acid before using a joint compound to repair wall damage. If the nest is located outdoors, use an outdoor non-repellent insecticide and pour a half-gallon of boiling water over the nest.

Seal the Entry Points

Prevent future infestations by using caulk to seal cracks around your doors and windows. You can also seal small drywall voids with joint compound.

Call in the Professionals for Ant Control West Palm Beach

The best way to deal with ant infestations is to contact the pest control experts at O’Hara Pest Control. Schedule an inspection today.

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