Although ants play a critical role in organic recycling and soil aeration, you wouldn’t want an army of them marching around your kitchen countertop. Unfortunately, ants seem to be the experts at breaching the defenses of your home. If you’re wondering about what attracts these pesky pests to your home, read on.

Reasons Why Ants are Attracted to Your Home


It’s in their nature to scavenge for food. When they find potential food sources, they use the pheromone trails or scent to notify other ants as they bring the food back to their colony. In case you’re not aware, there are about 12,000 ant species out there, and all of them maintain a diverse diet. If you want to keep them at bay, make sure that your pantry is kept clean by wiping down spills and getting rid of crumbs right away. Also, make sure that you store your food correctly.


Ants don’t look for large sources of water to get what they need. Most of them get their supply of water from what they eat. However, an ant species called pharaoh ants tend to nest close to a consistent supply of water. On the other hand, carpenter ants couldn’t resist the moisture from a leaky pipe or damp wood. 

Climate and Habitat

Did you know that ants rely on their environment for the regulation of their body temperature? Since they’re cold-blooded, they look for places that would keep them warm in the winter, that’s why they wouldn’t think twice before they decide to enter your home. 


When ant colonies mature, they grow more populous. Their flying reproductive ants, or alates, will begin to emerge, mate, nest, and form new colonies. Don’t be surprised if you see them anywhere around the house.

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