3 Ways Cockroaches Are Getting Into Your Home 

When it comes to a roach infestation, nobody wants to get the blame. After all, it isn’t easy for anyone to admit that they’re sharing their home with these creepy crawlies. However, an expert in cockroach control in West Palm Beach will tell you that roaches aren’t choosy when it comes to invading your living spaces. 

How Cockroaches Get In Your House


Keep in mind that these creatures won’t hesitate to crawl in and out through your drains and pipes. This can be a huge problem if you live in an apartment building where roaches can use drain pipes as passages between the apartments.   

Keeping your sink and shower drains clean, and placing stoppers and metal baskets all over them can be a great way to prevent roaches from getting inside your house. Closing up the drains in your laundry room sink or bathroom shower when you’re not using them is also a wise move.  

Cracks in the Exterior Walls and Foundation

Did you know that roaches have this uncanny ability to shimmy through openings and cracks that are as narrow as about 1/16 of an inch wide? In other words, they can easily squeeze through cracks in your home’s exterior walls and foundation.  

As a preventive measure, it’s best to use a caulking gun to seal the gaps you may find around these areas. You may also use weather stripping, copper mesh, and steel wool to seal the cracks.  

Newspaper and Corrugated Cardboard

If there’s one thing that roaches love, it’s paper. Paper easily absorbs the chemical pheromones they secrete. Pheromone allows them to communicate with each other and organize themselves.   

To keep them from taking up residence in your home, avoid storing piles of newspaper indoors or around your house, and be sure to also use plastic bins instead of cardboard boxes. 

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